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How to Treat Shoulder Dislocation and Sprains


Shoulder injuries can be common, especially if you exercise or play sports. It’s important to recognize painful symptoms so that the problem can be treated immediately. It’s also best to prevent injuries as much as you can by wearing a shoulder brace or support.

How Do You Get a Shoulder Injury?

Any type of physical activity that includes repetitive movement, such as sports, athletics or exercising at the gym, can cause a shoulder injury. Shoulder injuries can also occur during your daily activities. However, there are ways to treat and prevent this, so that you can get back to your normal routine.

What Are the Signs of Shoulder Instability?

Shoulder instability is when your shoulder feels out of place or overstretched, and young athletes are more prone to this. The most common symptoms for shoulder instability are:

  • Experiencing shoulder stiffness
  • Unable to move your shoulder like you normally do
  • Inflammation and discomfort to
  • Feeling like your shoulder could pop out of place
  • Feeling weakness in your whole arm
  • Unable to carry anything especially if it’s heavy
  • Struggling with daily activities

Treatment for shoulder instability includes getting plenty of rest, physical therapy, and wearing braces and supports.

Why Are Shoulder Injuries Common?

As the shoulder is flexible and has a complex structure, they are not completely stable which makes them vulnerable to injuries. You could experience a shoulder injury in the joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

What is a Shoulder Sprain?

Shoulder sprains happen the collar bone forcefully moves out of place, which can create severe swelling. Sprains commonly occur when you fall and stretch out your arm to prevent yourself from getting hurt. This can also happen if you hit a solid surface. Symptoms include severe pain, weakness, bruising, inflammation, stiffness, and being unable to move your shoulder properly.

Types of Shoulder Supports and Braces for Sprains

  • Adjustable Shoulder Support and Brace

Adjustable shoulder supports and braces help to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation. These symptoms are commonly caused by sprains, strains, arthritis, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), and other injuries. The shoulder brace is designed to limit your movements, which helps the recovery process and minimizes the risk of further injury. They also include a compression pad that helps with pain relief, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation in the shoulders. This will treat the injury and can help to prevent the development of serious medical conditions.

  • and Support

Double shoulder compression brace and supports wrap around both shoulders to prevent pain, rotator cuff tears, sprains, and tendonitis. They provide full shoulder protection and help to keep your shoulders warm to help increase blood flow. This can prevent further injury and help to speed up the healing process. Wearing this is also great for swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. If you are wearing this for injury prevention, you can wear this whilst wearing sports and lifting weights.

What is a Dislocated Shoulder?

A dislocated shoulder can happen if you fall on your arm or shoulder, or by forceful twisting. If you dislocate your shoulder, this will need immediate medical attention. Common symptoms include a lump on the shoulder, severe pain, weakness, being unable to move your arm, and seeing a noticeable physical difference in your shoulder.

Types of Shoulder Supports and Braces for Dislocation

  • Adjustable Shoulder Support and Brace

Adjustable shoulder supports and braces provide reliable support, and they can be adjusted to your preference. They can help to speed up the recovery process and protect your shoulder from further injuries. They can also provide relief from frozen shoulder, dislocation, rotator cuff tears, bursitis, tendonitis, stiff joints, broken bones, and post SLAP surgery.

  • Double Shoulder Compression Brace and Support

Double shoulder compression braces and supports help to speed up the recovery time from shoulder injuries or if you’ve had surgery. They provide targeted relief for pain, swelling, and bruising. They also offer additional shoulder support and compression to the area. If you are wearing this for injury prevention, they are great to wear whilst lifting heavy weights, or playing any sports.

If you are physically active on a regular basis, you can be more vulnerable to suffering from an injury. Whilst shoulder pain and injuries are incredibly frustrating, there are ways to prevent this and treat the problem so that this does not become worse. Wearing a shoulder brace or support is great for this, as they provide plenty of support and stability for your shoulders.

360 Relief offers a wide range of high-quality shoulder supports and shoulder braces in several styles. They are designed to give your shoulders the protection that they need, whether that is whilst playing sports or you are recovering from an injury or surgery. Wearing this can help you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible and help to reduce the risk of new injuries.

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