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Best Cracked Apps or Apk Sites for iOS and Android 2022


In this modern age of smartphones and smart devices, we depend a lot on our smartphones in our day-to-day lives which in turn depends on several apps installed on them. We use apps for daily chores such as grocery shopping, keeping track of the amount of water we drink, keeping our fitness track record, and many more things. Although a large portion of the apps are completely free at the time of download, soon after installing the app on your device, when you open your app, you will realize that you are getting bombarded with unnecessary advertisements some of which might contain inappropriate content.

Now, at this point the façade of a free app starts to break down, soon after canceling out few ads you will be prompted to take a premium membership which would cost you a fortune but in return, you will be free of advertisements and on top of that they will throw in some added premium features for you to use. Often these memberships are way too expensive for our liking, so what’s the alternative? Leave it to us, in this article we will be covering the best-cracked app sites or cracked APK sites for you to download apps and enjoy them without stretching your pocket. Now a question might pop in your mind, what is a cracked app site? We will be explaining every detail further in this article.

What is a Cracked App Site or Cracked Apk Site?

As we have previously discussed the various problems and pay to solve features of many apps that hinder a user’s zeal to use such apps, but suppose a user is very interested to use such an app that requires you to pay for premium features and remove advertisements but he doesn’t have the financial strength to do so, this is where a cracked app site or a cracked Apk site comes in to help you. These sites have a huge database of apps in the form of Android Package Kit or other words, APK. Usually, when you download any app from these sites they get downloaded in the APK format or as a . ZIP file.

The Android Operating System can sideload apps which means that it is not necessary to download apps from the Google Play Store or any app store so there is no problem in installing an APK moded version of an app downloaded from a cracked app site, that will include all the premium features of the app free of cost.

Now that you know what cracked app sites or cracked Apk sites are let us get started with the best of them.

Top Rated Cracked Apps or Apk Websites for Android and iOS

  1. Blackmart Alpha:

Blackmart Alpha is undoubtedly one of the best cracked-app sites you can find on the internet. It has a huge array of premium applications not only that all of the apps are updated to the latest version to guarantee that apps downloaded from their site are not left behind from the apps in the various play stores. Blackmart Alpha is itself very optimized as downloading an app and installing it is usually very smooth, on top of that you will not be required to sign in with your Google+ Account or any social media account, it doesn’t require any kind of registration which will ensure that you will not have to share any personal information of yours in this site.

Some of the features of Blackmart Alpha include, all the apps present on the site are full versions and not just the trial version, you can upgrade or download older versions of the same app and that is completely up to your choice. It also supports multi-lingual support for users worldwide. There is segregation of apps by using browsing categories so that it is easier for you to find the application of your need.

  1. RevDL:

RevDL is another cracked app site that is widely used by users around the globe. It has a huge array of cracked applications and it is also said to be scam-free. It offers users to download and install famous premium apps such as Filmora, PicsArt, Football Manager, Kine Master, etc. Here, you are not required to register with any Google account or any other social media account and it doesn’t require any on-site registration as well. It is a well-organized and well-maintained site.

The website design is very simple yet efficient but you will need to access it with a VPN to ensure the privacy of your IP and to prevent any mishaps. You can find many free VPN apps on the internet, this should not be an issue as the VPN is ensuring your safety on the internet.

  1. APK Pure:

APK Pure is a very famous site as it boasts a huge array of cracked applications. You can download many premium games, streaming apps, video editing, and photo editing apps that are also available here. You have the choice to download whichever version of a particular app you want to download. It does not require any on-site registration and it also doesn’t ask you to sign up with your Google+ Account or any social media platforms, many users have been attracted to this no registration perk as it makes the whole operation hassle-free.

APK Pure has a neat and catchy website design that has an ambient vibe to it. It has a special feature in the form of a QR code service for each downloaded application. It also has a very fast file release service and the website also provides a safe download path so there is no security issue to worry about and to top all of that you can share your thoughts in the comment section of each app and the comment section is very responsive as well.

  1. iHackdit:

iHackedit is one of the oldest cracked Apk sites you will find around. It is also one of the most reliable sites to download cracked apps. Not only do they have a great variety of Android apps they also have a big collection of iOS applications. They started this venture back in 2010 and since then they have been a front runner in providing the latest premium applications on their site. They do not have any registration process and content access does not require any Google account+ or social media account.

It is regarded as one of the simplest sites to download cracked applications due to its user-friendly layout and it offers a very straightforward user experience providing users with a bump-free road to downloading their favorite applications. This site will help you to save a lot of money by providing many up-to-date premium applications.

  1. APKmb:

APKmb is currently one of the best in its own right for cracked application download. It has been intricately designed to share applications and games. It has a very satisfied user base around the globe who would prefer APKmb over any other cracked application website. It offers many premium apps bundle and many paid games absolutely for free. Some of the apps offered by the website include Nine Email, Nova Launcher, Poweramp, etc.

When you are downloading applications from this website you are recommended to download from Upload. cc and you will have to untick “Download with add-ons” then you have to click on download and the files should start downloading to your device.

  1. APK4Fun:

A widely used and fairly popular website for downloading cracked applications is APK4Fun. It has a large store of premium and paid applications. Applications such as DraStic, Tasker, CE5 Connect, etc; are available for you at no cost. You do not have to go through any monotonous registration process to get access to the applications. You can install the applications available on APK4Fun without the fear of any malware infestation in your system.  The security this website provides from malware is impressive.

It has a special section for featured apps and games where you can browse through many premium games and applications and download them at your will. APK4Fun provides high-speed download links from very popular file hostings servers such as ZippyShare and Rapidgator.

  1. Apptoide App Store:

Apptoide App Store is a notch above the rest. They have a very well decorated website and one can understand that it took a lot of graft to make it just by having a look at it. It offers you a very wide variety of applications and games and surely you will find t very useful to have highly rated premium apps available right in front of you for free. Your favorite apps are available here and all are updated to the latest version, so you will have access to the same content as the premium users have. Apptoide has been around for a while and has definitely made a name for itself.

It packs a lot of great features such as it allows the download of geo-restricted applications. It is available for multiple platforms and you can even run it on an Android TV. It also has a very smooth interface which gives a pleasant user interface. Apptoide also allows the sharing of cracked apps and as a cherry on the top, it comes with a built-in APK scanner.

  1. AndroPalace

AndroPalace is a very reliable cracked Apk site, offering a lot of premium applications and games. You can enjoy your favorite applications for free thanks to AndroPalace. Applications such as Adobe Lightroom, VLLO, Simple Gallery, etc are absolutely free and you can use all the premium features after downloading your favorite applications from AndroPalace. It has many applications with amazing moded features. It is also said to be malware free so there is nothing to worry about the security of your device.

AndroPalace has a very well polished design giving it a professional look. You will find the apps properly categorized under various sections and you can even request newer apps.

  1. Moddroid

Moddroid is a very popular site for many users to download their desired cracked and moded applications. It offers a huge genre of app categories to choose from and it is very easy to download premium applications from here. If you really want that app that you thought was unaffordable to you, wait no more just search for it in Moddroid and you will not be disappointed. Moddroid has a very big user base who are highly satisfied with Moddroid’s fast service to provide the newest application as soon as possible.

Moddroid even has an editor’s choice section where you can browse through the best-performing applications. It is a very sleek website and its design is simple which also adds to the optimization of the website. The categorization is very clear on the website and it is a very smooth process to find your desired application as the apps and games are very specifically categorized under sub-categories. All in all  Moddroid dishes out a very pleasant user experience.

  1. Pirated Hub:

If you are in search of a website that packs it all then Pirated Hub is the place for you. You name it and Pirate Hub will surely have it. It has gaming apps, VPN applications,  photo editing applications, etc. The sheer variety of applications and games available on this website gives it an advantage over its competitors. Although a thing to note, this website has frequent spam pop-ups that might download unwanted applications so be aware of where you are clicking or you can use a pop-up blocker in your browser to be on the safe side of things. Applications such as DroidCam, Viu, Sublime Text are available for free with all the premium features.

The user interface of this website is pretty simple and you won’t find any difficulty but again we must warn you about the popups and be careful of them. Pirated Hub has gone with a pretty standard categorization, but the variety it provides is outstanding and that is the reason it made it to our list of best-cracked app sites.


Everyone is not capable of paying a large chunk of money just to access premium features on an application or to buy an app bundle, but the cracked Apk or cracked application sites provides relief in this type of situation. Not only you will get free premium applications but the download process is made safe as well. The availability of updated versions also ensures that you are on the latest path and not trading on an ancient road.

Although the positives are huge in the case of cracked application sites, you must be careful about the popups and clicking on any spam button or advertisement as it can harm your privacy. You will have to stay alert while clicking anything on these websites given you are seeing frequent popups on a particular website. We hope this article will help you to find and download your favorite applications for free from the aforementioned sites and hopefully you will enjoy using them.

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