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10 Best Free Video Player Apps For Apple TV


In the contest to the new upbringing of video content, it is getting very convenient watching ultra-high definition videos and movies on iPhone and iPad. There are plenty of advanced and feature-rich video player applications throughout the world, you may need a powerful iPad/iPhone video player to match your style. A video player when downloaded for your Apple devices, you should notice if it can play the subtitles, or extract files from the clouds. This article contains details about the top 10 best video players for your Apple TV.

Top Rated Best Free Video Player Apps for Apple TV

VLC for Mobile

This popular app is a must-pick and user-friendly with iPhone. VLC for iOS supports and reads all formats without any conversion problems and plays them at a very convenient speed. It even avails of watching movies from cloud servers.

Key Features of VLC for Mobile

  1. VLC for mobile is an open sources app and it is free to use.
  2. This is very easy and simple while use.
  3. Supports subtitles & playback speed control.

This app provides a well-organized library for your content with top-notch security.

KM Player

If you pick KM Player for your apple TV it ensures you from all troubles related to conversion, compatibility, and protection. It gives a lot of features with an interactive user-build platform. 

Key Features of KM Player

  1. You need not worry about wasting time in converting the media process.
  2. It shows several subtitles.
  3. The professionals or common gamers use it more for streaming functions.
  4. It carefully handles 4K video with 3D audio without cracking them.

Infuse 6

This player supports all file formats like WMV, AVI, and MKV, etc. Infuse serves with high performance with smooth playback for 4K content. It also makes it a stylish and well-organized platform.

Key Features of Infuse 6

  1. It is available completely free of cost with all quality features.
  2. Facilitates drag and drop type transfers on the screen.
  3. It allows multi-tasking.
  4. This player maintains gestures with easy subtitles.

MC Player

MC Player avails HD video content with astonishing clarity. It allows streaming videos directly from the internet in the form of online. It has a huge synchronization rate between audio and video content.

Key Features of MC Player

  1. Does not need transcoding, it plays everything without any change or conversion.
  2. All the media formats are easily compatible with this platform.
  3. Provides instant download facility.
  4. Has Chromecast support for convenient volume.

Player Extreme

Player extreme is a type of media player which is sort of uncommon. It generally gained fame due to its fruitful feature-rich base for your video player or 3d audio hunger. It supports all media formats and allows users to enjoy streaming over SMB, UPNP and WI-FI. 

Key Features of Player Extreme

  1. The full appearance of subtitles can be handled.
  2. Offers a mega battery capacity to a large range of devices.
  3. It supports the exclusive Russian language.
  4. Password protection for extra safety measures for the files.

8 Player Pro

It can significantly read all the available video file formats and execute them very easily. 1080P resolution content is also convenient to use without any problem. The impressive 3G playback is one of the great facilities.

Key Features of 8 Player Pro

  1. It offers epic personalization faculty.
  2. Can handle a mega range of various ranges.
  3. It is the best-known app for dual-functional multi-media support.
  4. It clips 4K videos instantly.

nPlayer Lite

Talking about the pros, watching videos on the nPlayer Lite video player is all about benefits. It doesn’t make you save the video or any media files on your iPhone or iPad. It facilitates watching any format of media available.

Key Features of nPlayer Lite

  1. supports core embedded subtitles along with its multi-track files.
  2. Can change the playback video speed very fast.
  3. It plays various aspect ratios.
  4. Provides an additional file manager for extra storage.

It’s Playing

Its playing is a sort of paid application with a handful of revolutionary features. Its media software tool allows users to manage unique and variable aspect ratios on their screens.

Key Features of It’s Playing

  1. Enables speed fiddling for videos.
  2. Easily adjusts brightness and color saturation.
  3. It also facilitates instant online subtitle download.
  4. It provides zero buffering while online watch.

O Player Lite

Enhance your video watching experience on your Apple TV with the O Player Lite video player app. With the help of several platforms, this media player app provides a lot of features, thus, making it the favorite app which everyone deserves.

Key Features of O Player Lite

  1. It supports all formats of streaming format such as HTTP, FTP, samba, etc.
  2. It facilitates background play, unlike many other apple apps.
  3. It provides single-handed control while the stream or the media.
  4. Supports some of the unique features such as mirroring, airplay, HDMI wire.

Air Player

This player allows streaming their all format of media files wirelessly. This app also checks the perfect quality of material at the receiver’s end. Its content carries a lot of features appearing a little bit complicated to beginners.

Key Features of Air Player

  1. Users get the advantage of creating their own playlist.
  2. A handful of professionals find it easy because it gives a lot of toolsets.
  3. It is plus one as it shares easy content sharing features.
  4. It provides the latest firmware design available on the platform.

Conclusion –

With this, we conclude the list of the best video player apps for iPhone/iPad or an Apple TV. There is a mention of only those apps which are highly enriched in golden features, unlike those pre-build video players in your iPhone or TV from the beginning. They even provide limited functionality and duration period. Giggle up your offline video watching experience with the best video player for iOS. Make sure to choose none other than these mentioned apps for experiencing the best media or streaming quality in your Apple accessories.

So with this, we hereby end this essential article regarding the 10 best video player apps for an Apple Tv at free of cost. Download these apps to bring the most out of your Apple accessories.

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