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The Best 9 Adventure Parks and Places In The London


People love to have fun in their daily routines. Vacations are the most important things in a day to day busy schedule. During vacations, adventures help to refresh the human mind. So, some adventurous thrilling experience must have been in your vacation plans!

Adventure parks with thrilling rides can play an extraordinary role to have a fun vacation! In London, there are a bunch of adventure parks. Some will definitely be confused to choose which park will be best for them! So, this article will help you to find out about your adventurous vacation trip!

Most Popular 9 Adventure Parks and Places in London

Alton Tower Resort

This park was opened in 1980 and is actually a part of Merlin Entertainments. It is located in Staffordshire, London. This adventure park is famous for Britain’s first double-loop roller coaster. This park is also known as the largest theme park in the UK. Alton Tower Resort is situated on a total of 910 acres. It has 10 themed areas in it.

Some Features of Alton Tower Resort

  • Part of Merlin Entertainments.
  • Britain’s first double-loop roller coaster
  • The Largest theme park in the UK.
  • Has 10 themed areas in it

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This adventure vacation park was founded in 1896. It is best known for 10 roller coasters. Besides, it has Valhalla, the big one, revolution, ice blush, the big dipper, etc. fun ride. This park definitely shoots for family trips.

Some Features of Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  • 10 roller coasters
  • Bunch of fun rides
  • Family-friendly
  • Adventures

Chessington World of Adventure

This adventure vacation place was opened in 1931 as a zoo. In 1987, this was changed into an adventure park. This park is also a section of Merlin Entertainments. Chessington World offers more than 40 adventurous rides. Also, there are over 1 thousand animals to visit. Besides, sea life is a key attraction in it.

Some Features of Chessington World of Adventure

  • Reshaped in 1987
  • 1 thousand animal
  • Sealife
  • More than 40 rides

Dragon Manor Theme Park

This park was opened in 1950 and is owned by the Looping Group. It is situated on a total of 180 acres. Around 1.5 million visitors are seen here per annum for adventurous vacations. This place is absolutely family-friendly. It offers rides like flying Dutchmen and accelerators. Also, thrilling rides such as maelstrom, shockwaves, and roller coasters are available.

Some Features of Dragon Manor Theme Park

  • Situated on 180 acres
  • 1.5 million yearly visitors
  • Family-friendly
  • Maelstrom, shockwaves, and roller coasters

London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Standing at 443 feet tall, it is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. Created to mark the new millennium, the London Eye has become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, with millions of visitors each year. The wheel is made up of 32 capsules, each of which can hold up to 25 people. As the wheel slowly rotates, passengers are treated to breathtaking views of some of London’s most famous landmarks, including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to London or a lifelong resident, a ride on the London Eye is an unforgettable experience.

Some Features of the London Eye

  • 4D Cinema
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Friendly for Family
  • Adventurous

Fantasy Island

This place is located in Ingoldmells. It is one of the popular adventure parks in London. This park is for family trips. The ambiance will definitely amaze you for a vacation. It offers coasters such as odyssey, millennium, and fun like glow-worm and fire bowl.

Some Features of Fantasy Island

  • Family-friendly
  • Good ambiance
  • Coasters
  • Glow Worm and fire bowl
  • Adventure

Flamingo Land Resort

This park is located in Kirby, Misperton in London. The area was purchased in 1978. After 4 years, this area was reshaped into a park. It is situated on 375 acres of land.

In this park, you will get fun rides like flip-flops, Elliff hunger, and many more thrilling rides. It is absolutely a family-friendly vacation place. For families, there are amazing options like Twistosaurus and rotator. This Park Also for children, the park offers rides like Dino roller, vortex, and mumbo-jumbo.

Some Features of Flamingo Land Resort

  • Built-in 375 acres
  • Family-friendly
  • Thrilling rides
  • Twistosaurus and Rotator
  • Full Fun for Children

Legoland Windsor Resort

This adventure park is a section of Merlin Entertainments. It offers more than 55 adventurous rides. The key attractions of this place are the hotel resort and Legoland castle hotel.

This park is well known for the UK’s first flying theatre ride. It has rides like the flight of the sky lion, lego mythical.

Some Features of Legoland Windsor Resort

  • Part of Merlin Entertainments
  • More than 55 adventurous rides
  • Hotel resort and Legoland castle hotel
  • UK’s first flying theatre ride
  • Flight of the sky

Paultons Park

This adventure park was founded in 1983. It is built on 140 acres of land. More than 70 rides are on offer here. It is also a family-friendly vacation place. This park offers thrilling rides such as roller coasters, Cyclonator, windmill towers, and buffalo falls.

The key attractions of this park are play areas and splash areas. Besides, the UK’s only Peppa Pig world is here. Total 9 Peppa Pig-themed rides are available for children.

Some Features of Paultons Park

  • Situated on 140 acres
  • Family-friendly
  • Roller coasters, Cyclonator, windmill towers, buffalo falls
  • UK’s only Peppa Pig world

Thorpe Park Resort

It is also a part of Merlin Entertainments. It was founded in 1979. This adventure park offers more than 30 rides. Here is the UK’s fastest roller coaster available.

Most importantly, the first virtual reality Dark ride started in this park. Also, the coasters based on the walking dead and saw are offered. Rides such as lumber jump, the rocket express, and timber tugboat are on offer. This park will definitely suit your family trip.

Some Features of Thorpe Park Resort

  • Offers more than 30 rides
  • The first virtual reality Dark ride
  • Lumber jump, the rocket express
  • Family-friendly


Adventure and fun always should be on vacations. But looking at your family and the individuals, you should choose the safest place. Also, the rides should suit your group. Otherwise, a bad decision can ruin your whole trip. So take your time and discuss with your vacation group your best plan. Also, the cost is different place-wise. So, within your budget, you can go with the best version. As there is no lack of options, you can choose different slots and have a fun ride!

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