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Best 10 iOS Apps for Free Music or Podcast


Music has always been a great relief to all kinds of features. Even the birds of heaven like Nightingale sings so sweet to relax nature after the daily tortures of we, the humans. Even the torturers need some relaxation of music. Music, tune, rhythm all define one’s inner self. It’s all about emotions strung up together to make us feel either good or to make us feel the emotion at that point with deeper senses. Music of different playlists suits different moods of us and all other creatures and that is what we call “RELATABLE”. Provided below are some of the free music apps to set the moods for iOS devices.

Best iOS Apps for Music and Podcasts for iPhone, Ipad and Mac

Freegal Music

Freegal Music is one of the best free music apps available in both the google play store as well as in the apple store. The iOS and Android devices have the facility of this awesome app. Absolutely free of cost this app is much used worldwide. With more than 15 plus million songs and with over 200 plus genres, it is a highly demanded and relaxing app.

Features of Freegal Music

  • This app allows free download of the songs or of the total playlists.
  • It gives us ad-free music with no interruption in between the vibing of music.
  • This app allows us to make our playlists from our own favorites.


A free music companion is offered with an interface intuitive, simple, and fast. With its coolest features, it stands as the most demandable music app nowadays. It has tracks, podcasts, and playlists for more than 75 million. It also gives recommendations personalized just for you. It plugs vibing music just at the right time without any interruptions.

Features of Deezer

  • It has the facility that identifies songs with the help of Songcatcher.
  • Play genre, tracks, podcasts, play according to moods simultaneously with shuffling processes.
  • It provided unlimited skips and adds free music once you upgrade it to premium mode.
  • It also allows easy and free download for your favorite songs to keep.


 A personified music experience is given by pandora. It allows easy and free access to music. Its interface is also very intuitive. Music lovers with a bit of laziness love to enjoy this music app. Pandora can be accessed without opening your phone. Its creative and beautiful features make it too good to be a music app.

Features of Pandora

  • It allows vocal identification and searching of music tracks or podcasts.
  • It displays the total playlist of the artist or the type of music to be listened to.
  • You can make your own playlist through this and even can share them with your friends.
  • Simple voice commands for volume up and down are also made for this app.


Millions of songs loaded with fun are available on Spotify. Once need and settlement of mood is available here. Songs of different genres, artists, and podcasts are available in different languages which adds comfy to the users. It provides an easy interface for cool features which makes this app much well known nowadays.

Features of Spotify

  • Just typing the name of the genres or types of artists shows you the whole playlist of your demanded data.
  • You can make your own playlist choosing from and share them with your friends.
  • The premium model allows all the tracks to be downloaded and ad-free music for a better experience of music.
  • Unlimited skips are also available on this app.

Youtube Music

Youtube presented its own music app in recent years instead of the google play music app. This app has some of the most demanding and free features which give an awesome experience to the user. It is made in such a manner that the users can have the fun of music free of cost at an easy and fast operative interface.

Features of Youtube Music

  • It gives personalized suggestions for the users based on their tastes.
  • It provides the facility to listen to music as well as to see the music video if wanted.
  • It provides an unlimited skips facility and also allows free and easy download of tracks.

Amazon Music

Amazon music is gradually but rapidly progressing in the world of apps for free music. It is bringing the changes necessary for the coming generation to have extravaganza in their music sense, experience and adds up a futuristic and naturalistic way of featuring the app for the listeners. It’s continuously adding cool and creative features to the musicals.

Features of Amazon Music

  • Like other apps, it has also improved its basic features of unlimited skips
  • The app allows the user to access music of the same tastes of the same account from your multiple favorite devices.
  • Ad-free music and creating your own playlist are also included in its features.


SoundCloud leads much of the line with its two-in-one service. It not only provides basic free streaming of vibing music but also a global community open for all. It allows uploading any sound maybe tuned, maybe not tuned for others to be discovered, so that the others tune themselves to abstractification.

Features of SoundCloud

  • A variety of catalogs can be explored here not only of the known artists but also of the people who feature the songs and those who remix them. A world of diverse music.
  • Nowhere to be found music can be explored here.
  • New emerging DJs and podcasters and several such artists are found here.
  • Also, it provides all the features for basic streaming of music.

iHeart: Radio & Music

Welcome to the old days of radio music. This app is extraordinarily made for the old listeners to channel up their golden days. This app enables the users to operate the radio and online streaming music at the same time. It provides the recording of songs from the radios even. You can even get news updates through this app.

Features of iHeart: Radio & Music

  • Commercially free Millions of songs are streamed on this app.
  • Unlimited skips, add free music and free download features are also available on this app.
  • This app allows us to listen to FM, AM radio stations of other countries. Also, we can get radio sports, news talks, Flava, Radio Hauraki, Coast.

Apple Music

Music experience on iOS is the coolest on this app. You have never experienced music like this until and unless you download this app. There are free trials for paid features. A vast empire of music awaits you on this app with a variety of music. It’s the facility on iPhones.

Features of Apple Music

  • This app allows the user to download their favorite tracks.
  • Change the tracks without any hesitation. And listen to music without any interruption.
  • Also, it enables you to make your own playlist with personalized suggestions for you.


Uforia is an app full of excitement and wonders filled in it with its Millions of music tracks, podcasts, genres, and AM, FM radio stations.

Features of Uforia

  • This app allows the user to record the radio stations even.
  • It allows easy and basic streaming music options.
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