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9 Best Client Management Software (CMS) in 2022


A business must understand its customers to grow and increase its sales. Client management software provides better tools for analyzing customers and potential leads. As a company owner, you can examine the clients and determine your plans accordingly. You can also interact easily with them and follow up with the clients.

Client management software is very helpful for small and big businesses. The additional features also contribute to the growth of the company. There are many companies providing client management software for businesses.

Introduction to Client Management Software (CMS)

Client management software is a tool that helps businesses keep track of their clients and manage their relationships with them. It can be used to store contact information, schedule appointments, and track payments. Client management software can also be used to create and manage loyalty programs, send out marketing materials, and track sales leads. In short, client management software is a versatile tool that can help businesses manage their relationships with their clients. When choosing a client management software, it is important to choose one that is flexible and easy to use. There is a variety of different client management software on the market, so it is important to do some research to find the one that best suits your needs.

Types of client management software

There are various kinds of client management software. Every client management software provides the same primary feature. But when it comes to additional management, the CMS is segregated into the following parts.


Operational client management software is the most common type of CMS used around the globe. These CMS are used to manage your business by collecting and analyzing customer data.


Analytical client management software allows you to analyze the data by yourself by visualizing them. This gives you a better insight into your customer’s behavior. It also helps in better communication that can result in attracting clients.


When a company collaborates with various other vendors and distributors, they may also need specific customer data to perform their work. A collaborative client management software provides the communication bridge between the company and the associated distributors. You can share the required portion of data with the distributors as per the necessity.

Campaign management

A campaign management client management software is a combination of analytical and operational CRMs. The company gets an opportunity to run a marketing campaign by using the comprehensive customer data collected. It analyses the needs of the customers as a whole and creates a campaign for the majority.


In strategic client management software, the company gets an additional service of strategic suggestions. The CMS collects the data and plans the best strategy for your company.

Top-Rated Client Management Software


Freshworks is one of the top companies to produce client management software. It gives you a clear view of the customers from every critical aspect. You can easily track your customers and establish better communication between them. It also provides in-app tracking, behavior-based segmentation and an activity timeline.

The features include a built-in email and calling system that allows you to message or call within the software. It offers lead scoring for the customers to determine the crucial leads. Auto profile enrichment functionality helps the company to gather the customer’s social information. You can operate the software from any device. The pricing can easily range between $12 and $79 per month.


HubSpot is a popular client management software. It provides various free marketing tools to grow your online business. The customer reports by HubSpot include sales activity, productivity, and individual performances.

It shows insights and deals tracking in real-time on the dashboard. You can easily track emails and prospects with the help of HubSpot. Ticketing, live charts, and meetings are valuable tools for employees. The HubSpot client management software can be easily integrated by Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and Outlook.

Key Features of HubSpot

  • The detailed report is provided without any limit or expiration date.
  • The third-party integration makes it user-friendly.
  • There is no user limit.
  • The real-time tracking dashboards help the company to track the prospects easily.
  • It provides extra features like Forms, Ad management, Live Chat, and Chatbot Builder.
  • HubSpot client management software is free software.


Keep software is well known for its payment feature. It manages the communications with the clients and tracks their activity. The payment methods are easy, and you don’t have to rely on external software or applications. With the help of an email tracking system, you can easily segregate clients as per their specific characteristics. The system triggers follow-ups automatically.

Essential Features of Keap

  • It has custom forms available on the website.
  • It has custom emails to send directly.
  • It records all the meetings, follow up and email history.
  • The pro version allows marketing and sales automation.
  • The contact reports are highly detailed.
  • The price differs according to the versions, where the normal Keep Grow starts from $79 per month, the Keep Pro requires $149 per month, and the Infusionsoft needs $199.


Zoho provides software with multichannel communication that enables integration with various established business applications. This makes the range of your business even wider. You can easily connect with customers on different platforms. You can customize the dashboard as per the requirement. It has an AI assistant that helps in calculating possible sales future.

Zoho software contains these Features

  • It is also accessible from a mobile phone application.
  • The Omnichannel helps to connect various channels as per requirement.
  • Zia, the AI assistant, helps in various calculations and the detection of anomalies.
  • The internal chat feature helps in effective team communication.
  • Zoho plans range from $12/month to $35/month.


Monday.com provides convenient client management software that stores client data effectively in a customizable layout. It collects all data and features it on the CRM board. It has collaboration client management software functionalities that allow you to establish a better connection between associated agencies.

Essential features of Monday.com are Following

  • Creates effective lead forms.
  • Allows clients to view the project map.
  • It provides better collaboration and communication features.
  • You can interact with clients in real-time.
  • The minimum cost of the software is $39 per month.


Insightly is user-friendly software. It has easy controls and tools to collect and analyze customer data effectively. It is more convenient for small businesses. The drag-and-drop customization makes it easy to modify as per the requirement.

Key features of Insightly

  • Relationship linking, lead routing, and workflow automation increase customer support.
  • Third-party integration is easy.
  • Tracks customer’s journey visually.
  • You can get enterprise-grade reports.
  • The price of the software starts from $29 per month.


Salesforce is a cloud-based client management software that helps you track clients and keep their records. It automates processes for better results. The built-in AI system boosts productivity. You can easily track your sales, forecast, and set goals accordingly.

The main features are SalesForce

  • Provides self-service portals for better customer service.
  • It automates data capture and sales.
  • The call center software enhances customer services.
  • The cloud-based system helps take action at the right time.
  • The price ranges from $25 per month to $150 per month


PipeDrive is famous for its pipeline management. It allows the user to use web forms and chatbots—the workflow automation and built-in AI system help increase sales.

Exciting Features of PipeDrive

  • Provides effective contact management for setting up prospects.
  • Allows viewing contact timeline and activity history.
  • Allows every feature on google and Microsoft by syncing contacts.
  • The price range starts from $12.50 per month.


At the end of our list, we have Drip client management software. Drip supports various features that are essential for the online business to establish. It provides a detailed report on clients and prospects. The graphic interphase is user-friendly and attractive by which the company interacts with potential clients.

Key Features of Drip

  • The Drip tagging system allows to tag clients according to their natures.
  • It provides better visualization for complex processes.
  • It provides API integrations.
  • The plan starts from $49/month.


A better client management software can help your company to increase its sales by attracting more customers. It allows the company to understand a customer’s requirements and produce plans according to them. Go through the article and choose the best software for your business.

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