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Best WordPress Themes for a Tech Website and Blog



WordPress Themes for a Tech Website and Blog

A WordPress theme is a tool for customizing your website’s structure and appearance. The layout, typography, color, and other visual components of your site are all customized by themes. A default theme is pre-installed when you first build a WordPress site. WordPress allows you to modify the theme to match your requirements and industry.

Your website can become more appealing, and user-friendly, and increase visitor engagement by picking the proper theme. Your blog’s contents and database-stored data won’t necessarily change if your WordPress theme is installed. Here’s a list of the best WordPress themes for a Technology Blog.

Top-Rated WordPress Themes for Tech Blog and Site

1. Newspaper

Newspaper is one of the top-selling blogging themes with over 100,000 sales. Try this choice if you routinely post content on your blog, news website, or magazine; you can quickly change the theme’s styling to fit your blog’s brand identity and technical focus. You don’t have to start from scratch because Newspaper easily provides more than 100 different demo alternatives for blogs in many areas, together with a variety of blog post styles and a lot of single post templates.

Adding a store or membership functionality to your website won’t be a problem because newspapers make it way easier. Additionally, you’ll get lifetime updates after you purchase the theme.


  • Offers unlimited pop-ups
  • Offers 120+ PreBuilt websites
  • Optimizes Performance
  • Gives you a score of your Page Speed and Optimization


  • The theme has a very sleek and contemporary look.
  • Search Engine Optimization can be done.
  • The theme is completely mobile-friendly.
  • There are plenty of excellent demonstrations available for use.
  • The theme includes a few helpful plugins.


  • This theme might need a little technical know-how to use.
  • For beginners, having too many features and settings can occasionally be perplexing.

2. Networker

Networker is a very popular WordPress theme for tech news with a variety of blog and magazine demos. The homepages for all of the Networker demonstrations are attractive. Additionally, you have access to a sizable template collection. Your website features a variety of themes for each individual article as well as a large selection of layouts for the archive pages that show listings of your most recent postings. Your tech blog can have a dynamic look that never becomes boring by using different archive templates for the various categories on your website.


  • Offers a large number of tools
  • Easily readable in dark mode
  • Convenient and approachable


  • Has a variety of customizing tools.
  • Both light and dark options are available.
  • Suited for usage as an online store.

3. Ceris

Ceris is a great theme that has a lot of really nice features, it’s a great tech theme, it allows you to add dynamic components to the sidebars and some other parts of your tech blog because Ceris comes with many widgets. Some examples of the widgets are a suggested articles slider that allows site visitors to scroll through your posts, one that shows the most popular blog entries, and another that provides links to the various category pages of your blog.


  • Several wonderfully created demos may be imported with only one click
  • Mega Menu: The Mega Menu option nicely shows posts in a category menu item.
  • Responsive Design: The theme looks fantastic on screens of all sizes. furthermore offers a sidebar hiding option when using a responsive layout.
  • Google Web Font


  • These dynamic features can be included.
  • recommended articles carousel
  • Additionally, this theme includes a built-in page builder that lets you change each template.


  • The best features are not free-to-use

4. Bucket

Bucket’s homepage layouts can be used to showcase tech-related topics and use its readily adjustable post layouts to present your stories stylishly. The bucket is a great WordPress theme for news websites. A sizable slideshow on the homepage directs readers to your most recent coverage. The powerful built-in review system of the Bucket theme is another distinctive feature you can use.


  • Easy to translate
  • Provides very fast loading speeds
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Very Responsive


  • Integrated Review System
  • Mobile friendly and very responsive
  • SEO Friendly


  • Doesn’t provide a free version

5. Ennlil

Ennlil is a cutting-edge, attractive magazine theme with a blog demo that focuses on technology. The tech blog demo’s simple layout makes sure that your content and images don’t get lost in the theme’s aesthetic. The Ennlil tech blog demo by default makes extensive use of white space to keep readers from becoming distracted. However, this can be turned into black space using the dark mode option.


  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Simple and modern design
  • Very fast


  • Supports dark mode
  • Has various amount of templates
  • Amazing customer support


  • Not free to use

6. Uncode

Uncode, another popular theme, makes it simple for any WordPress blogger to create a contemporary, attractive website. It provides hundreds of templates for various categories, including twelve just for blogs.


  • A huge number of plugins come with the theme
  • More than 60 website ideas
  • Supports eCommerce


  • Using multiple content blocks, you can create any layout you like for your website
  • To create a unique style for your website, you can change the layout’s menu, header, footer, and content area;
  • Contact Form 7 is integrated into the WooCommerce store creation process, making it simple;


  • It will take some time to comprehend how the theme’s content blocks are organized

7. Salient

Salient is a very popular theme with over 160,000 downloads. It offers considerable flexibility for seasoned bloggers while continuing to be user-friendly for newcomers. It’s perfect for bloggers who also wish to monetize their material due to its user-friendly page builder, abundance of demo websites, and WooCommerce compatibility.


  • Outstanding Performances
  • Provides around 350 themes
  • WooCommerce Integration


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Supports integration into social-media
  • Over 900 Google fonts to choose from


  • Pages switching will cause your website to lag.
  • Fewer design options for recent blog articles and category pages.

8. Pinstagram

The pun in the name refers to how content is organized in grids on social media platforms like Pinterest. It presents your material on the homepage in blocks, making it simple for users to skim your tech articles for what they are interested in. Additionally, the sidebars of Pinstagram might provide a list of highlighted, well-liked, or random postings.


  • Has a huge feature list
  • Allows social media integration
  • Has custom widgets


  • The price is reasonable compared to other themes
  • A candidate for WordPress Pinboard Themes
  • Is clean and ready for the transition


  • Ratings for the Translation Ready feature are 100% below the average for the sector.

9. Rexus

Rexus is a theme that emphasizes blog content. It also makes it simple to add a simple list of blog entries. It comes with various out-of-the-box widgets for highlighting specific topics on your homepage in interesting ways. You may add a newsletter subscription module and a list of your most recent and most read pieces to your sidebar to draw in more people and expand your readership.


  • Custom Widgets
  • Responsive
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Fonts


  • Has a great layout
  • Multiple Content Layouts
  • Social Sharing


  • No free-to-pay version

10. Authentic

For lifestyle blogs and newspapers, the Authentic WordPress theme is intended to be a simple and lightweight theme. This theme has outstanding elements that you can use to distinguish your blog or website. Visitors will be able to admire your new website’s elegant and contemporary style. If you choose this theme, you’ll give your visitors a wonderful browsing experience.


  • Very fast
  • 50 demos to use as inspiration
  • Allows you to create an e-shop


  • 4 Powerful plugins are included with the theme
  • 40 Block layouts
  • Search Engine Optimized


  • Paid-to-use

11. Squaretype

Squaretype is a cutting-edge and uncluttered WordPress theme ideal for tech blogs and publications that offer pertinent content. Due to the full capability, you may move from one demo to another at any moment without changing your material. If you get tired of your current demo, you can use a different one at any time.


  • Numerous Sidebar options
  • A huge number of background options
  • Gutenberg Integration


  • Over 50 blocks
  • Free demos to use
  • Highly-Configurable


  • Not free-to-use

12. Herald

Herald is an excellent newspaper and magazine theme.  Herald lets you categorize and tightly customize the appearance of the article thumbnails that appear on your homepage. Herald’s interactive featured article module aids in attracting readers both new and old.


  • Highly-customizable
  • Super quick
  • Over 500 layout combinations


  • Smart and flexible images
  • Customizable single-post layouts
  • WooCommerce


  • Pay-to-use

13. Blogar WordPress Theme

For technology blogs, magazines, and other websites, Blogar is a chic, sophisticated, and adaptable WordPress theme. It is completely customizable and, more importantly, completely responsive. This theme is a terrific choice for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is ideal for lifestyle and technology blogs, magazines, SEO blogs, news organizations, travel agencies, lifestyle companies, and technology news blogs.


  • Offers a lot of layouts
  • Has a dark-mode version of most layouts
  • Google fonts


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Responsive layout
  • Elegant inner pages
  • WooCommerce support


  • Pay-to-use


Although starting a tech blog or website is not easy, using one of the aforementioned WordPress themes will speed up the setup process. You can concentrate more on your content by spending less time fussing over aesthetic changes to your website.

Install the ideal theme on your website after locating it. As you benefit from increased traffic, engagement, and performance, your readers will appreciate the thought you put into your content and user experience.


Report Says Apple Secures Partnership with OpenAI for AI Integration in Its Products



Apple Secures Partnership with OpenAI

In a significant technological collaboration, Apple has finalized a partnership with OpenAI to integrate advanced artificial intelligence into its products, according to a report from The Information. This strategic alliance aims to leverage OpenAI’s cutting-edge generative AI technology, potentially transforming the functionality and capabilities of Apple’s software ecosystem.

The deal, confirmed through discussions with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, marks a pivotal development for both companies. It could potentially generate billions of dollars for OpenAI if successfully implemented. This partnership has not gone without contention; notable figures like Apple’s head of machine learning, John Giannandrea, have expressed skepticism towards incorporating significant language model-driven AI, like chatbots, into Apple’s offerings. Additionally, concerns have been raised by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella regarding the implications of this deal on OpenAI’s existing commitments to Microsoft, which has invested $13 billion in OpenAI for technology integration across its products.

Despite initial resistance, using OpenAI’s AI could extend beyond chatbot functions. Apple has explored various applications, such as enhancing Siri’s capabilities to handle queries outside its standard operational scope using OpenAI’s technology. Notably, Apple intends to maintain transparency in its use of third-party AI technologies, ensuring users know when answers are derived from external sources like OpenAI.

The collaboration also highlights the ongoing negotiations between Apple and other tech giants like Google, suggesting that Apple may offer users a choice of AI providers, similar to how it allows selection between different search engines or default browsers.

This partnership not only bolsters Sam Altman’s standing within OpenAI following previous challenges to his leadership but also signals potential structural changes within OpenAI. OpenAI operates under a unique model with a for-profit arm tied to a nonprofit organization. Discussions are underway to restructure OpenAI into a traditional for-profit entity or a benefit corporation (B-Corp), allowing it to pursue broader goals beyond mere profit generation.

As Apple gears up for its Worldwide Developers Conference, where AI is expected to be a central theme, this partnership could be crucial in defining the future trajectory of AI integration within consumer technology.

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Unlocking Web Browsing with ChatGPT: Free Access for All Users



Web Browsing with ChatGPT

OpenAI’s latest update has significantly expanded ChatGPT’s capabilities by introducing free web browsing features to both paid and free users. This enhancement, announced during OpenAI’s Spring Update event, addresses ChatGPT’s critical limitation—its knowledge cutoff date—by enabling it to access and retrieve the most current information available online.

Empowering Users with Current Information

Previously, only subscribers could ask ChatGPT about real-time events or updates. Now, any user can pose questions about current happenings, like checking the weather in New York City, and receive answers from the internet. This feature allows ChatGPT to browse multiple websites to gather data, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of its responses.

Enhanced Transparency with Source Links

An additional benefit of the Browse feature is its transparency. When ChatGPT pulls information from the web, it provides links to the sources. This is crucial for users who want to verify the information, particularly given the potential for AI-generated errors or “hallucinations.”

Getting Started with ChatGPT’s Browse Feature

Activating the Browse feature is straightforward, albeit not immediately obvious, due to the lack of a specific toggle in the ChatGPT interface. Here’s how to enable it:

  • Sign Into Your Account: Users must log into their OpenAI account to access browsing and other advanced features like GPT-4o, vision, data analysis, and more. You can create a new OpenAI account or use existing Google or Microsoft credentials for quick access.
  • Initiate a Query on Current Events: The Browse feature activates automatically when you ask a question requiring real-time information. For instance, asking, “Who is currently the President of the United States?” prompts ChatGPT to use the Browse feature to search the internet for the latest information.

This update enhances ChatGPT’s utility and democratizes access to up-to-date information, making it a more powerful tool for users worldwide. Now, with just a simple query, anyone can engage ChatGPT to browse the web, ensuring they receive the most current responses to their questions.

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POCO Launches F6 Series Smartphones and Debuts Its First Tablet



POCO Launches F6 Series Smartphones and Debuts Its First Tablet

POCO, a brand renowned for innovative mobile devices, has recently expanded its portfolio with the launch of the F6 series smartphones and its inaugural tablet. These new offerings are tailored to meet the demands of gamers, photographers, and general tech enthusiasts, featuring top-tier specifications and user-centric design.

The highlight of the launch is the POCO F6 Pro, powered by the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This smartphone boasts a 6.67-inch WQHD+ 120Hz Flow AMOLED display designed to provide an ultra-smooth and visually immersive experience. The device also has a high-performance camera system and a robust 5000mAh battery that supports 120W HyperCharge, ensuring a full charge in just 19 minutes.

Alongside the Pro model, the POCO F6 is aimed mainly at gamers. It features the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor enhanced with Wildboost Optimization 3.0 and a 6.67-inch Flow AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This model is also designed for durability and performance, incorporating LiquidCool Technology 4.0 to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Complementing the smartphones, POCO introduced its first tablet, the POCO Pad. This device is perfect for entertainment and productivity, with a 12.1-inch 120Hz display that offers a 2.5K resolution for crisp visuals. The Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor powers it and includes features such as quad speakers with Dolby Atmos, making it ideal for media consumption. The tablet’s large 10000mAh battery supports 33W fast charging, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent recharges.

All devices run on HyperOS, providing a seamless and responsive user interface that enhances the overall user experience. The POCO F6 series and POCO Pad are available in multiple configurations and colors, catering to various preferences and needs.

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