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Best free WhatsApp spy apps for iPhone and Android


WhatsApp has quickly become a popular messaging app. From sharing important documents and pictures with your fellow students or colleagues and sharing sweet messages and voice notes with your friends and loved ones, WhatsApp is a prominent messaging app. It offers you a chance to send messages quickly and is preferred by people for personal conversations.

However, there are some significant downsides to WhatsApp. This app allows young children and teenagers to easily communicate with potentially dangerous strangers. Your child can be led astray and become a victim of cybercrime because of WhatsApp. They may come in contact with adult graphic content and share it with their friends. Your employees could be using WhatsApp to message other people during office hours and ignoring work instead. WhatsApp has made it incredibly easy to cheat on your partner. You could be completely unaware while your partner is exchanging pictures and messages with someone else.

You need to use WhatsApp spy apps for iPhone and Android so you can avoid these situations. For example, you can save your child from dangerous situations or prohibited content, catch your employee wasting office hours and find proof of your partner cheating on you. You can also use WhatsApp spy apps to find out who is spamming you with unwanted messages or if they are trying to scam you.

Top-Rated free WhatsApp spy apps for iPhone and Android


mSpy has been used by many people to spy on someone without them knowing. It is a trustworthy mobile monitoring spy app for Androids. It allows you to view messages and media that have been deleted. By using mSpy, you can track WhatsApp call logs, secret messages, and a list of accounts. You can find their email address and call logs and monitor their social media activity using mSpy. In addition, it allows you to view the location of the person you are spying on.

Features of mSpy

  • User friendly
  • Live location tracking
  • You can control messages and calls
  • It allows you to view the browsing history as well.


Truthspy is another popular WhatsApp spy app that helps you find the truth. It is aptly named since you can find the truth about your spouse, employee, and what child is doing using this app. It is considered the best parental control for Android devices and the best WhatsApp spy app. This app is used to spy on Snapchat as well. It is another dangerous messaging app for kids to be unsupervised.

Features of Truthspy

  • Finding call logs, texts, and voice notes is easier with a GPS tracking system.
  • For monitoring Snapchat and Whatsapp communications, any android smartphone can be used as a target.
  • It is discreetly operating in the background.


Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone and would like to find which app is ideal, go no further. TotoSpy on Whatsapp is the best free Whatsapp monitoring app for android and iPhone and is the most reliable spy app. It is simple to understand the dialogue and locate media items using this method. This feature is only available to Whatsapp users who want to utilize it remotely.

Features of TotoSpy

  • The TotoSpy software is also functional with internet browsers. For example, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can assist in locating the device’s information.
  • The GPS monitoring software serves as a central location for monitoring all kinds of information. Additionally, it is also the best iPhone WhatsApp spy app that is free to use.


iKeyMonitor is a well-known Android Whatsapp Spy software that includes all tools as well as parental supervision. Entire records of calls, texts, and social media messaging such as Whatsapp conversations could be monitored by iKeyMonitor. This is, without a doubt, reliable and reputable software that can be downloaded and used on the target phones.

Features of iKeyMonitor

  • This Whastapp spyware application is extremely safe, and there are no known vulnerabilities.
  • This iKeyMonitor has good compatibility with GPS monitoring.
  • It’s simple to locate all of your Whatsapp conversations, including documents.


This iSpyoo, like the other spyware mentioned in this article, is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. iSpyoo, on the other hand, is widely and commonly used on Android and iOS devices. Therefore, this iSpyoo could be a good example in your quest for the best free WhatsApp monitoring applications for Android.

Features of Ispyoo

  • Precisely capable of pinpointing the GPS location
  • It is possible to both reject and record an incoming call.


Only Android users can use the best Whatsapp Spy program. However, this is freely accessible on Android smartphones. If you’re an iOS user who wants to try it out, make sure it’s offered on a third-party iOS store. As the name indicates, the app is versatile and convenient for people at no cost. Users can also monitor WhatsApp and other information on the targeted device.

Features of Flexispy

  • Useful for recording the sounds around the gadgets.
  • It handles phone records, GPS location, texts, and other simple features.

Spy Phone

Have you ever thought about a spy application that has gained global interest? Spy Phone Software is the most popular Android app for offering the best services. Phone number banning, Whatsapp notifications, and virtual gadget removal are all features that the best parental control app offers.

Features of Spy Phone

  • This app’s many WhatsApp surveillance features are quite beneficial.
  • Remote device removal is highly recommended, as is preserving confidential records and actions.


Hoverwatch is a sophisticated WhatsApp surveillance software. It can track any device’s WhatsApp activities in real-time, such as personal texts and photographs being sent and received and phone conversations. On the target smartphone, the app operates discreetly. In addition, you may remotely and discreetly view WhatsApp records from your phone or Pc.

Features of Hoverwatch

  • Hoverwatch is an easy-to-use spy application that allows parents to keep a check on their children’s activities.
  • It allows parents to record all calls, text messages, location data, and call logs on their child’s phone.


WhatsApp has made communication easier. However, it is crucial to monitor your child’s WhatsApp activity. You can use the amazing apps listed above to find out if your partner is cheating on you. They are completely free and secure.

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