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How To Build Strong Video Content Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Audience On Social Media


Video marketing eclipsed the other marketing strategies in the world. Since the popularity of video content marketing is creating new records every day, it is evident that businesses are now adopting this marketing strategy to boost their ROI.

Video marketing can be the most powerful tool to reach new prospects and provide extra value to new long-term customers. Videos are packed with information and entertainment, but they can sincerely help the business connect with the targeted audience. The audience takes videos seriously, and these are easy to digest compared to any other marketing tool. Simple yet effective video content can drive more sales and motivates people more than any other marketing tool.

According to a study, almost 86% of businesses now rely on video for marketing purposes. 93% of the business adopted video marketing strategy as an integral part of their marketing. According to marketers, video marketing can multiply the retention and the number of viewers to the website within a short time. According to 87% of marketers, video marketing has given satisfactory ROI, and 94% of marketing executives believe that it helps their consumers deeply understand the product or service they offer.

These are the reasons that push marketers to rely on video marketing to increase the audience on social media. Here is how to make a compelling video content marketing strategy to grow the audience on social media.

Following Video Content Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Audience

Set the goals for video marketing

Setting up the goals is the initial step to starting video marketing. Start by setting small goals, and after achieving them, increase the length of the goal. Some businesses use videos only for advertising. In such conditions, they can start this from the product page on the website and then create branches in social media ads. Few others use video-makers to produce videos only for social media ads. If your goal is only to increase the followers, you can post the video content meant to impress the people and keep them engaging.

Select the proper platform

If you are new to video content marketing, start making video content using an online video maker for the social media channels and post them on your account where you already have a vast audience. Make sure that you are formatting the videos according to the channel. For instance, Instagram IGTV supports vertical videos, and Facebook supports both vertical and horizontal videos that can perfectly meet your requirement. So, you have to make videos in a proper format for posting on different social media sites according to their criteria. Apart from video format, you also have to focus on which type of video will rightly meet your business goal.

Decide which type of videos to create

There are different types of videos being produced for different purposes. The most common types of videos are presentation videos, ads, sales videos, and explainer videos. As a marketer, which type of videos can impact your audience positively. Popular videos are vlogs, Q&A videos, interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, testimonials, and case studies. Apart from them, you also have different videos, including educational videos, webinars, product reviews, animated videos, live sessions, demos, and many more. Choose the correct format that can best suit your business interest.

Create the video content

Creating videos has become easy with the help of a video maker. Ensure you have the required accessories and skills to make the video. Videos should serve the purpose of the product and should meet the audience’s taste. So, you can use various tactics like animation, voiceover, text, and gifs while preparing the video. If the video is attractive, that will win the audience’s heart.

Optimize the video for better search visibility

Creating videos can’t yield the desired result. You have to optimize them for better visibility when the audience searches. Start optimizing every video for the particular search engines so that you can easily attract more traffic and can build the audience organically. Use proper keywords and insert transcripts. They are perfect for visibility in the search results. Creating stunning thumbnail images can also be a great way to make the video search engine friendly. Don’t embed a single video in multiple locations.

Use social media to promote the newly posted videos

Since social media is the ultimate audience multiplier, it is crucial to let the followers or audience on the social media know about the newly posted videos. You can use multiple clips from a single video to promote it on social media. In this way, the number of followers will be increased, and it will let you engage with them.

Know about the metrics and learn how to analyze them

Analyzing various parameters is one of the most crucial steps for any strategy. By analyzing the result, you will know whether your strategy is going towards success or can’t yield any result. There are various parameters to analyze. These include viewing counts, watching hours, sharing, likes, and comments. Almost every social media platform offers an analytical tool that allows the brand owners to analyze how the video content marketing strategy works and helps to increase engagement.

Each of the social media platforms has native analytics, and they will let you know about the performance of the video marketing. The metrics you use to analyze the success should match the goals you set at the initiation stage. If you want to increase the brand awareness of the video, you can include Call-To-Action that prompts the visitors to land on the website. In this way, the click links would be the matching metric.

Proactively engage with the audience

Posting videos can only yield results. You have to engage with the viewers or people who comment under the video. It is essential to monitor the comments, shares, and messages to get firsthand experience of the impact of your video on your audience. The more you engage with your online community by interacting with them, the better your chance to build a solid fan base. Additionally, use the hashtags and encourage the people to make the video viral. You can also appeal to the viewers to share, comment, and like the video at the end. In this way, the visitors won’t feel dull, and the engagement time also with the video increases.


 Video contents are much more effective than other types of content marketers use to engage with the audience. These tips help create a robust video marketing strategy that can increase the audience on social media. Once the audience gets increases, it will impact positively on the business.

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