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How to Use Instagram to Get More Engagement


Instagram is a powerful visual social media platform for your brand and a great opportunity to develop a loyal following that appreciates your company’s quality and vision. In fact, more than 500 million Instagram Followers use the app each day, making it almost home to one of the largest engaged audiences around. But how can you optimize your Instagram marketing efforts to ensure maximum impact and maximum visibility? Follow these easy-to-follow steps and watch your Instagram account grow in size like wildfire!

Integrate Your Profile with Other Platforms

Integrate your Instagram profile with other popular social media accounts. While Instagram offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with existing and potential customers, it also allows you to extend your reach to a new audience through the influence of popular Twitter, Facebook, and Google-based services like YouTube and Google+ icons or badges. If you incorporate these services with your Instagram account, your followers will be pleasantly surprised to see a variety of related content, which increases engagement and clicks on your Instagram listing.

Instagram Discover Tab

Use the functionality of the Instagram Discover tab to find different venues where your target audience is actively posting. The tab includes lists of user-generated content such as pictures and videos, and public Instagram pages. Research the top Instagram pages by category and focus on the ones with the highest engagement levels (i.e. high engagement levels with a high amount of user-generated content).

Engage With Your Followers

Reach out to your UK Instagram followers through recommendations. Recommendations are powerful because they encourage followers to engage with your brand in a new way, engaging with new conversations or spreading the word about your product or service. Use recommended posts as the basis for your upcoming promotional campaigns, as well as for reaching out to existing customers. An Instagram business account gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience through recommendations.

Use Instagram Stories

Add a feature to your Instagram business account that allows users to share Instagram stories that have been shared by their followers. If you add the ability to share live video on your Instagram stories, you will be able to draw in even more followers who are more likely to have an interest in watching a live video than they would be in reading through a static article. It’s also a good idea to add a “Like” feature that encourages followers to share your Instagram story with others. This will allow you to attract even more people to your Instagram live video efforts and potentially draw in a new set of audiences to your website, blog, or other digital media. Social media influencers are using Instagram live videos to generate significant traffic to their websites, blogs, and other online media.

Collaborate with Influencers

Set up an Instagram account to track the activities of your influencers. In order to get more followers on Instagram, you should start paying attention to your influencers. Find out what they are up to, where they are networking, and what they are promoting. This will give you valuable information to help you grow your Instagram audience and market to the right audience.

Use Instagram Filters

You can also use Instagram profile filters to make it easier to find followers and generate engagement with them. For instance, when you use the “Show All Instagram Filters” function on your Instagram profile, you can choose from a variety of different filters that will show all of your followers. By using this function, you will be able to find followers of all types, whether they are promoting products, promoting businesses, or simply sharing their stories.

Make Use of Hashtags

Use hashtags to promote your product and services. There are two ways to do this. First, you can use hashtags to tell people that a picture of a product or service that you are endorsing is available through an Instagram campaign. Second, you can create a hashtag on all of your Instagram accounts that will tell Instagram followers where the sponsored post came from. The hashtag should be related to the content that you are promoting, and you should also use the keywords that will describe the post in the hashtag.

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