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Top 10 Shopping Malls in the United Kingdom


The UK is the major tourist destination for people who are residing all around the world. It is famous for many things such as the Royal Family, Big Ben, and many famous pop singers and actors. The country is also very well-known for its long history. It has a large number of popular attractions for tourists to visit. When a person goes on a holiday, shopping is pretty much a necessity. This usually gives a well-rounded experience to the people who visit the country. There are a large number of log cabins or treehouse hotels that are present in the country. They usually have a unique stay experience. Here is a list of check out these best shopping malls in the UK, which are both affordable and luxurious.

List of Best Shopping Malls in United Kingdom

  1. Westfield London

This Mall is only a few minutes away when a person travels by foot from the underground stations. This Mall has more than 300 shops. These shops have a wide range from street fashion as well to high-end clothing companies. They both provide high-end goods as well as street products. The Mall also has about 60 food and drink options that are being served from various restaurants and cafes. There are entertainment as well as wellness facilities. They include things such as a cinema and a spa. A person can also find an on-site gym here. If a person is not sure what to buy in the UK, this is a place he/she should visit. This Mall is located in Westfield, London.

Its opening hours are Mon-Sat 10 am – 11 pm, and on Sundays, it is 12 pm – 6 pm.

  1. The Bluewater Shopping Centre

Bluewater mall was opened in the year 1999. This place is located in Kent County, England, and it is also surrounded by 50 acres of natural beauty such as lakes, trees, and parklands. This Mall is easily accessible to anyone. A person can come quickly to this Mall by using public transport. This Mall has more than 300 shopping stores. They also have over 50 food and beverage service shops. This place also has 13,000 parking spaces. The main feature that this Mall feature is sustainability. Bluewater uses the latest technology to reduce environmental impacts. This place is present in Dartford, Greenhithe, United Kingdom.

A person can visit here on Mon – Sat: 9am – 11pm and on Sun: 11am – 5pm

  1.  Intu Metrocentre

This Mall was simply known as “Metrocentre.” It is located at Gateshead, Tyne, as well as Wear in England. It is the largest shopping mall in the whole United Kingdom. The Mall can be easily reached by using public transport. It generally takes around 10 minutes by train from Newcastle Central Station. The shopping center that is present in it is close to well-known hotels in that area. This Mall also offers a wide range of facilities such as a multi-screen cinema and an indoor Angry Birds Adventure Golf center. This place is located in Metrocentre, Gateshead, United Kingdom.

  1. Liverpool One

When someone hears of the city Liverpool, everyone thinks of the famous Liverpool F.C. The shopping mall is located at the heart of Liverpool, and this one is of the biggest malls in the whole United Kingdom. It is an open-air shopping mall that has over 170 shops, bars, as well as restaurants. Here there is active public transport so that a person can easily visit here. This place is present on 5 Wall St, Liverpool L1 8JQ, United Kingdom.

  1.  Westfield Stratford City mall

Westfield Stratford City is the third-largest shopping mall in the whole United Kingdom. There are more than 250 shops which have a large number of popular brands. The Mall also has around 65 restaurants. Apart from shopping, a person will also get an array of leisure activities that includes a 17-screen cinema, a luxurious bowling center, and a 24-hour casino.

This place is located in Westfield Stratford City, near the Olympic Park, Montfichet Rd, London, United Kingdom.

  1. Bullring & Grand Central

Bullring and Grand Central mall is located in Birmingham, UK. This Mall is located near a large number of historical sites as well as markets. The exterior part of the Mall is quite distinctive. This Mall featured shiny, disc-like patterns, which makes it an Instagram-worthy attraction. There are a large number of sculptures that are scattered around the Mall. The most notable structure present here is the “Bully,” – which is a bronze bull. This Mall has over 240 fashion as well as lifestyle shops and restaurants.

This Mall is located in Moor Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  1. Meadow hall

Meadowhall is an indoor shopping mall which is located in Sheffield, England. It is the house of a large number of international brands. The Mall also allows a person to choose from nearly 50 places to eat as well ad drink. This place also had 12,000 free parking spaces. This Mall is quite famous because this place has something for everyone that visits here.

  1. Cabot Circus

This place is located in the middle of Bristol, UK. The Mall is very uniquely designed. This Mall provides both indoor as well as outdoor shopping experiences to its customers. The roof of this building is made of glass, which makes the Mall more bright and spacious. It is a four-story shopping mall, and this Mall has around 140 shops.

  1. Telford Shopping Centre

This indoor shopping center is situated in Telford, which is in Shropshire County, England. The Mall has more than 160 stores. They also have food as well as beverage businesses in the Mall. It is currently the largest shopping mall that is present in the town and district. This Mall is only a 35-minute drive from the central city of Birmingham. It is also a present very near to Telford Central Station.

  1. The Trafford center

The Trafford Centre is a large indoor shopping center and leisure complex present in Greater Manchester, UK. It is located in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford. This is a center that is present within the Trafford Park industrial estate. This place is only five miles away from the west of Manchester city center. It was opened in 1998 and is the third-largest shopping center in the United Kingdom by retail size.

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