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Ten Simple Tips For Decorating A Rented Flat


Living in a rented flat also means that you have paid a deposit and you want it back when you leave. But being a tenant doesn’t mean you want to live in a place with no personality. With this article, discover ten tips to give your living space a real decorative touch, and get your deposit back without any problems

Decorating Ideas for Rented Flat

Give your space’s personality with wall stickers

Surely you’re not going to repaint your brand new white walls, your landlord can’t stop you, but he wouldn’t like it, so you’d better keep that in mind. The solution? Wall Stickers. Although they had their heyday a few years ago, and are now less common in decoration, they are still an easy, beautiful and cheap way to decorate walls in a temporary and reversible way (and not only walls, kitchen cupboard doors, or sliding cupboards also like the sticker system a lot).

A site like Tenstickers not only offers many designs at a great price, but you can also create Personalised Wall Stickers that look like you, very easily, and for very little money! Magnetic or repositionable wallpaper is another option, but it is quite expensive, as it represents a much bigger investment, and is more difficult to apply than the classic adhesive.

Hang your photos and objects without drilling holes in the walls

New products have emerged to hang light objects, photos, posters, and other decorative elements on walls without drilling holes. They are designed to support a maximum weight of 7 kg. So you can have the ethnic chic decor of your dreams, with natural fiber plates, Personalised Wall Stickers, and what’s more, without damaging the walls of your flat!

Invest in quality furniture

The cost of renting a flat is usually less than buying a comparable property. If your banker doesn’t agree with the “I only buy authentic designer pieces” option, invest in a unique piece of furniture or a signed lamp, it will elevate all your classic decor. I have an AA Airborne armchair in my living room, and in my kitchen, a white and wooden, baby blue SMEG fridge. It’s enough to make my interior look different from my neighbor’s.

Treat yourself to a nice big rug

A nice big rug, 2m x 3m, will make you forget the boring laminate floor in the living room. You can find them at very affordable prices on the internet, you don’t need to invest in pure wool, just good quality acrylic. It is best to place it in front of the sofa, under the coffee table, to make the living room warmer and cozier.

Personalize the kitchen floor and the sideboard

On the sideboard, some stickers will save you the seventies-style flowers, and on the floor, a vinyl rug that imitates cement tiles will give you the little vintage chic touch you dreamed of, without having to invest more than a few tens of euros. If you have access to a balcony or terrace, this type of carpet will also brighten up the floor at a lower cost.

Place your pictures on the floor and on the furniture

Are your frames too large or too heavy for non-drilling fasteners? Put them on the floor or on low furniture. Your decoration will be quick to do, and you can change them very easily, as soon as you get tired of them!

Multiply the cushions

The decoration is made up of a base represented by the furniture and the color of the walls and floor, and details such as lights, objects, and textiles. Cushions and cushion covers are available in all price ranges. Feel free to multiply them, to change colors and graphics, according to your wishes and the seasons.

Installation of curtains and blinds

It used to be necessary to drill holes in the walls (or even in the window jambs) to install curtain rods or blinds, but nowadays there are rods that don’t need to be drilled and blinds that don’t need to be drilled either, which are easily found on the Internet and in DIY shops. You can take them with you on your next move, so choose a good quality product – they will last for years!

Equip yourself with suction cup accessories

In the bathroom, kitchen, or toilet, suction cup accessories will become your best friends. You can find wire racks to put your shower gel in the shower, toilet paper holders, or tea towel hangers that will make your life easier. Some models are also available with double-sided adhesive tape, which is easy to remove, and others are very clever, such as coat racks that can be hung on the top of a door to help you store towels and bathrobes.

Don’t forget the green plants

Whether they are indoors or on the balcony, green plants will be a precious help for the decoration of your rented accommodation, without any risk for your deposit, as long as you think of installing a saucer under the pot to collect the overflow of water, and of putting the biggest ones on plant holders with wheels to be able to move them quickly, according to your desires, and the orientation of the light.

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