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Decomposition of Doors and It’s Recycling


We know that in this world all things end with decomposition. Some have a long life and some have a short life in this world. But all things get decomposed in their specific life cycle. In the case of the doors, we need to set the life after its reasonable usage.

It is best to set the usage time of the specific doors no matter from which material is made. The main issue behind it is security. If the door is good enough in quality and performance so security will be best. In other words, the compromise on quality increases the risk of security.

So pre-decision taking off the doors about to change and decompose is always better. Because in proper decomposition all things can be used in different things. That means better results in the ending of the doors as well. More management of the decomposition means more perfection in replacement.

Furthermore, the decomposition companies will also give you some funds against the door. That means timely decisions are also good for the add-on of the paybacks. The delay means losing all things the security, the door, and the possible funds against the door. So here are some steps for the decomposition of doors by the respective company. This will guide us on how that cycle works, in the systemic process.

Steps of Decompositions of Doors

Searching for old and used doors

The searching and offering of old and used doors are the beginning of the process of decomposition. Because most of the people don’t know about the decomposition process and life of their doors. That’s why I need to search and offer them the right amount. This is the key to search the right doors for the better thing.

Sorting of doors

After the door searching the second thing comes to the sorting of the doors. That means sorting the wooden and metallic doors. Because all categories are different and the purpose of the upcoming material is different. A more proper setting means more accuracy in the process.

Shifting to a different location

Need to shift the material of the door to the second stage. Means wooden things separate and metallic things separate. Because all machines’ work is different and the during work shifting is not good.


Different woodcutting is the key because different parts are used in different areas. As the wood can be reused in different ways and different things can be made from that wood. So that cutting makes reusing.

Different kinds of sizes

The size setting of the material matters a lot. Perfection is key for the sizing as fitting of the wood requires perfect size. The wood of the doors mostly is the best in quality that can be refreshed for remaking different kinds of doors as well.

Unplugging metallic things

Unplugging is mattering a lot like the different kinds of metals mostly create issues in the cutting. Further unplugging of the metals is the key to make them and transform them. The metallic things can be transformed into different things as well.

Sorting of different types of metals

As different types of metals are reused in different kinds of processes. So, the sorting matters a lot in the metallic decomposition work. As all metals used in different work, the processing is properly different.

Detaching of locks and screws

The locks and screws are the things that need to be reset properly. That metallic thing can be used after remitting as well to structure the new things. The more proper separation can allow more handling of the locks and screws.

Repairing of locks

The repairing of the locks is a normal thing. Because sometimes minor things setting can recover them. So, handling smartly means can save more money because most of the time lock qualities remain the same.

Repairing of doors fitting

The doors fitting most of the time need minor work. The condition of the whole door is almost perfect so minor settings can create a big difference. More chances increase when fitting the handle gently. So, the door fitting matters a lot in repairing and recycling matter.

Unplugging of wheels

Most of the time the bottom side of the door has wheels. Sometimes that creates resistance in the working of the door. So, for proper handling you need to unplug them smartly either they are damaged or in perfect look.

Removing of Auto closing shaft

The auto removing shaft is also a big door damage if not used properly. Further, the fixing of the shaft matters a lot. It could damage the door or it could save it from damage. So, the removal of it is also very important as sometimes it does not come into good condition.

Removing magnets from doors

Another thing that mostly comes with the doors is magnets. The magnets are small things but work very well. So, they are mostly not getting damaged easily; they can be reused with minor settings. As its worth remains almost the same.

 Removing of security system

The security systems need to be removed smartly from the bad doors. Because mostly it can be reusable or with minor tuning, it can be reset again. So, in the decomposition of doors, things need to be considered smartly.

Melting of Unrepairable metals

The melting of the metals is essential to make new things again. Those things which are not repairable and not fixed properly again just need to meet them again. This makes them ready for the next process of manufacturing.

Different structuring of Metals

With the metal bars now decomposed metals structuring begins. As different things and shapes can be made very easily after the melting and molding process.

Setting of other things

There are so many other things that need to decompose in the automatic sliding door. That needs some additional process to separate things from each other. The more things are the part of the automatic doors, which need to handle and treat differently. Not all have the same process and treatment.

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