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Understand Life and Health Insurance Coverage with Level Up Insurance



Joseph Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Level Up Insurance

Postponing your trip or plans at the last minute due to a health emergency can be very disappointing.

Eliminate last-minute health-related emergencies and learn more about reasonable health and life insurance options with Joseph Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Level Up Insurance.

There are multiple health insurance plans available depending on one’s insurance premium and coverage. The best way to put this is that insurance is for all – thanks to technologically advanced systems enabling top insurance companies to tailor policies for their clients. Therefore, insurance companies are more inclined to provide insurance policies that benefit their clients to foster a better reputation within the industry.

Joseph shares some common health insurance policies below so that you are familiar with these concepts as you buy one:

1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans

This insurance plan offers coverage for fixed monthly fees but only across a specific network of providers. Depending on your insurance company, this network can be very limited or wide-ranging.

For instance, Level Up Insurance provides a broad network of providers due to its partnership with top insurance companies like Americo, Aetna, and AIG.

2. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans

PPO plans cover network-preferred providers and some non-network providers, too. It offers clients some leniency as they have vast options to choose from and get treated by some of the best providers.

3. Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Plans

EPO plans also offer a vast network of providers, which enables clients to get their services from their most trusted organizations. It has a lower premium than PPOs, allowing clients to visit out-of-network providers in case of emergency.

4. Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans

This plan covers emergencies and more critical diseases that cut down unexpected medical costs.

5. Point of Service (POS) Plans

The POS plan includes benefits from HMO and PPO insurance plans to provide their clients with a more tailored service.

If you are looking for life insurance plans, you can check out these policies below:

1. Term Life Insurance

This insurance policy is temporary coverage for a defined amount of time that can range from one to thirty years. It is a smart choice for those seeking affordability without compromising on coverage. It’s tailored for those specific life moments when you want financial security – whether it’s starting a family, settling a mortgage, or embarking on a new chapter in your life.

2. Whole-Life Insurance

As the name suggests, whole-life insurance provides coverage for the entire lifetime. It provides death benefits and saving facilities. However, the higher cost of premiums might not be affordable for many.

3. Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance offers flexibility in adjusting death benefits and premium payments compared to traditional whole-life insurance.

4. Infinite Banking

Gain control over your financial assets through “infinite banking” life insurance. Permanent life insurance enables you to accumulate a cash value that you can later use for policy loans to finance personal or business expenses. It provides more freedom to insured individuals in returning the loan with interest.

5. Index Universal Life Insurance

Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is a type of permanent life insurance where the cash value growth is linked to the performance of specific stock indexes, such as the S&P 500.

These life and health insurance plans guarantee financial security with multiple living benefits. It means you can reap the benefits of insurance during your lifetime. These plans also ensure that you and your loved ones are wholly protected from unexpected situations.

If these plans don’t fit your needs, experts at Level Up Insurance assist their clients by tailoring these health plans to give them the maximum coverage they deserve.

You can learn more about personalized insurance plans by visiting Level Up Insurance’s website and following Joseph Gonzalez on Instagram.


Why Self-Employed Builders Need Tradesman Insurance Protection



Tradesman Insurance Protection

Self-employed builders play a major role in the completion of real estate projects in the UK and everywhere around the world. They are small business units that work on small household projects or take subcontracts under the large projects carried out by established companies. 

These businesses are vulnerable to damages, losses, and many other risks as they are financially not that resilient. Therefore they must get adequate tradesman insurance protection. Are you working on multiple building construction projects?

In this case, you need tradesman insurance protection. We discuss the reasons why self-employed builders need protection from any dangers.

Reasons Why Self-Employed Builders Need Tradesman Insurance Protection 

Tradesman insurance protects the interest of the tradesman. This insurance provides essential coverage and safeguarding to the policyholders. This is a high requirement when you are working independently in a highly professional and competitive sector like real estate. 

Here we discuss a few points on the need for tradesman insurance protection. 

1. Main Contractors And Their Requirement

Many self-employed builders work on-site under general constructions in various public and private projects. 

Here the main contractors keep a set of requirements for the self-employed builders. Insurance policy is one of them. Take, for example, bricklaying or supplying a finished builder product. There will be involvement of risk and uncertainty. In that case, you ought to be protected by insurance. 

2. Law Requirements 

When you are working under a contract, you are required by law (in the UK) to hold employee Liability insurance. Not only this but you are also required to hold coverage for your van in the form of Van insurance in case you are using a vehicle in your business. For instance, if you keep your people in a project, you must take care of their life safety and safeguard their interests under inclement circumstances. 

3. Mitigating The On-Side Risks And Liabilities

On-site work in the real estate sector is full of risks and uncertainties. While doing work, you might cause damage to the property or people of the project’s owner. The same might happen to people or assets of the main contractors. In that case, all the arrows will go past you. Hence you need to get yourself covered under the shield of tradesman insurance protection. 

By law, you are required to carry Employer Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage value of 5 Million Euros. 

4. Covering Allegations Of Neglect Of Work And Mistakes 

Work with human involvement is susceptible to mistakes and faults. But when it comes to real estate projects, they can cost us heavily. Self-employed builders take responsibility for smaller projects, and the product or service delivery might miss adequate standards. For instance, you have to take a contract of erecting a wall of a particular size and paint it with a particular color. You might make the wall size smaller and might use the wrong color. It’s your fault, and no one but you will be held responsible for it. 

Now the main contractor brings in a case against you. A valid tradesman insurance protection can help you fight the charges of negligence or mistakes.

5. Protection of Assets

Working on projects involving multiple stakeholders is steeped in risks and uncertainty.  The main contractors use most of the tools in the entire project. Some of the tools used in the project might get damaged due to a fault on your end. In that case, you have to pay for the loss. Save yourself with insurance coverage, as the insurance company will bear the burden on your behalf. So this is the benefit you can get as a self-employed builder.

6. Personal Injury

Working on real estate projects is fraught with terrible risks and uncertainty. Working with blades, other equipment, cement mixtures, and heavy lift material is highly risky. Your employees may get major or minor injuries while working. Even you can suffer some injury while overseeing the work progress. 

Under such circumstances, your insurance services can provide coverage, and they will bear the compensation (medical care or even deaths). 

Closing The Discussion 

Self Employed builders are heavily involved in building projects. Therefore they automatically come under risk and uncertainty. Insurance protection can provide you with the required safeguarding that you need. So every self-employed builder needs to have tradesman insurance protection.

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