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How to Check Deleted Posts and Comments on Reddit



How to Check Deleted Posts and Comments on Reddit

Reddit, often termed as ‘the front page of the internet’, is a vast platform full of intriguing discussions, useful tips, entertaining content, and much more. Occasionally, while browsing through subreddits, you might find that a post or a comment you wanted to read has been deleted. This can be frustrating, especially if you are keen to know the content. Luckily, there are ways to view deleted content on Reddit. Here’s a guide on how to see deleted posts and comments on Reddit.

14 Best Ways to Check Reddit’s Deleted Posts and Comments

1. Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a renowned tool operated by the Internet Archive, a non-profit institution. Its primary purpose is to archive pages from across the World Wide Web, essentially creating a historical snapshot of the Internet. While Reddit isn’t its exclusive focus, it does archive a vast amount of its content. If the Wayback Machine happened to archive a specific Reddit page before a post or comment got deleted, users can peer into the past and view the original content.

To harness the capabilities of the Wayback Machine, navigate to its website. Upon landing, you’ll find a search bar where you can input the exact Reddit URL you’re interested in. After submitting, the site will provide a chronological timeline of snapshots. Simply click on a date prior to the suspected deletion, and you’ll be presented with the page as it appeared at that time.

2. Reddit’s Official API

Reddit’s API (Application Programming Interface) is a goldmine for those with a tech inclination. It serves as a conduit, providing structured access to Reddit’s massive amounts of data. With adept use, one can pull data from specific subreddits or threads. The catch here is the element of time. Since content on Reddit can vanish quickly, being prompt in using the API could mean capturing content before it disappears.

3. Joining Archive Groups

Reddit is vast, with communities catering to nearly every conceivable interest. Among these are groups wholly dedicated to the task of archiving parts of the web, including Reddit itself. By immersing oneself in these communities, members often gain access to specialized tools, collaborative resources, and shared methodologies, all aimed at preserving fleeting digital content.

4. Directly Asking Users

Sometimes, the simplest methods are the most effective. If you recall the username associated with a particular post or comment, reaching out directly can yield results. A polite message inquiring about the content could lead to a fruitful exchange. However, it’s paramount to approach this method with tact. Always be respectful, understanding that users have their reasons for removing content and might not wish to revisit or share it.

5. Use Reditr

Reditr stands as a fresh take on the Reddit experience, offered as a desktop application that reimagines how users interact with the platform. One of its inadvertent advantages is its caching mechanism. By holding onto content for brief periods, even if said content gets removed from Reddit’s main site, users have a small window where they can still access deleted posts and comments, making it a unique tool in the archival arsenal.

6. Use ReSavr

In the vast ecosystem of Reddit, lengthier comments often contain comprehensive explanations, personal anecdotes, or detailed perspectives. ReSavr recognizes the value these longer comments can bring, and its primary function is to capture and archive them when they’re deleted. With its unique focus, ReSavr sheds light on comprehensive comments that, for various reasons, didn’t remain on the platform. It becomes a treasure trove for those who appreciate the depth of discussions and wonder what insightful comments may have been lost.

7. Pushshift Reddit API

Pushshift serves as a pivotal tool for those keen on diving deep into Reddit’s data history. As a comprehensive archival system, Pushshift meticulously indexes Reddit content, making it a haven for researchers, developers, and curious users alike. One of its standout features is its ability to retrieve deleted posts and comments, granting a glimpse into what once was. By querying the API, individuals can mine this vast dataset, uncovering patterns, and historical posts, or simply indulging in nostalgia.

8. Use Archive.Today

Archive.Today isn’t exclusive to Reddit but is a vital tool for anyone interested in the ephemeral nature of web content. Acting as a digital curator, it takes “snapshots” of web pages, preserving them as they appeared at a particular moment in time. When it comes to Reddit, if a user or even the page’s creator decided to capture a particular thread or comment section, it would be immortalized on Archive.Today. Browsing through its archives can often reveal content that’s long been erased from the original platform, making it a digital detective’s dream tool.

9. Use Removeddit

Removeddit stands as one of the most accessible third-party tools for accessing content that’s been removed or deleted from Reddit. Whether it’s the original poster having second thoughts or a moderator enforcing subreddit rules, posts, and comments can disappear from Reddit in a blink. That’s where Removeddit comes into play. By archiving a snapshot of these discussions, it ensures the content remains accessible for those who know where to look.

The simplicity of Removeddit is one of its strongest points. To utilize its archiving prowess, take your original Reddit URL and swap out the “reddit” portion with “removeddit.” For instance, if diving into a specific thread with the URL, to unveil its deleted content, morph the link into

10. Use Ceddit

Ceddit operates under a premise similar to Removeddit but is another reliable tool in the arsenal of those looking to unearth deleted Reddit content. By keeping an archive of discussions and capturing what gets removed, Ceddit provides an alternate lens through which one can view Reddit, warts, and all.

How to use: The mechanics of using Ceddit mirror that of Removeddit. Upon encountering a post on Reddit you wish to investigate further, simply swap “reddit” in the URL for “ceddit”. Transforming the link becomes

11. Browser Extensions

The internet is replete with browser extensions designed to augment and refine one’s online experience. For the keen Redditor, extensions like ‘Un-Delete Reddit Comments’ come as a boon. Such tools embed directly into your browser, working in real-time to catch and display content that might be removed or deleted. While the utility of these tools is undeniable, a word of caution is necessary. Extensions come with permissions and potential vulnerabilities. Only opt for well-reviewed, trustworthy extensions. Always prioritize your online safety, ensuring you don’t compromise security for a snippet of deleted content.

12. Reddit Comment Search

Reddit’s intricate web of conversations can be a daunting task. The Reddit Comment Search tool simplifies this process. Specifically designed to cater to the intricacies of Reddit, this tool lets users zero in on specific comments or posts, irrespective of their visibility status on the platform. So, even if a comment or post has been deleted, with the right search parameters, you stand a good chance of retrieving it, making it invaluable for those who need to track down specific pieces of information.

13. Google Cache

The internet is ever-changing, but giants like Google aim to keep a record. Every time Google indexes a webpage, it stores a ‘cached’ version—a snapshot of how the page looked at that moment. For platforms like Reddit, where content can vanish swiftly, Google Cache can act as a time machine. If you stumble upon a Reddit URL that seems to lack its original content, head to Google. By searching the exact URL and accessing the cached version (via the small down arrow next to the result), you might just rediscover what has been removed or altered.

14. Reddit Search Web Apps

While Reddit’s native search functionality serves its basic purpose, it often falls short for power users or those with specific needs. Enter the realm of specialized Reddit Search Web Apps. These tools, designed by developers passionate about optimizing the Reddit browsing experience, often boast enhanced indexing systems, user-friendly interfaces, and sometimes, the ability to tap into cached versions of pages. Their advanced algorithms and specialized features make it easier to unearth content, including those that may no longer be directly available on Reddit.

Privacy and Ethics When See Deleted Comments and Posts on Reddit

While Reddit’s ephemeral nature can sometimes leave users curious about deleted content, there are multiple tools available to unveil what was once hidden. Whether you’re using Removeddit, Ceddit, browser extensions, or the Wayback Machine, always tread with caution and respect the ethics and privacy of the original content creators.

While the allure of rediscovering lost content can be tempting, ethical considerations should always come to the fore. Content on platforms like Reddit might be deleted for a multitude of reasons – personal, sensitive, or otherwise. As you navigate through these digital remnants, always tread with respect and caution. Using or sharing deleted content without due consideration can inadvertently harm or misrepresent the intentions of the original poster. The power of digital tools comes with the responsibility of using them wisely and ethically.


Google’s Fuchsia OS Set to Integrate with Android for Enhanced Efficiency



Google's Fuchsia OS Set to Integrate with Android

Google Could Soon Introduce a Simplified Version of Fuchsia OS to Android. Google, known for its flagship operating systems Android and ChromeOS, has been quietly developing another operating system called Fuchsia OS since 2016. Initially launched on the first-generation Nest Hub in 2021, Fuchsia OS is now set to play a more significant role in Google’s ecosystem.

According to a report by Android Authority, Google developers are working on a simplified version of Fuchsia OS that can run on a virtual machine within Android devices. While the specifics of Fuchsia OS functionality in Android remain unclear, it is speculated that this integration could enhance efficiency and flexibility.

Fuchsia OS, an open-source operating system, is distinct from Android as it is not built on the Linux kernel but on Zircon, a microkernel. Google claims that the microkernel architecture can “reduce the amount of trusted code running in the system,” potentially offering a new level of security and stability.

Although it is unlikely that Fuchsia OS will replace Android or ChromeOS, it could serve as an alternative to Microdroid, a lighter version of Android designed for on-device virtual machines. By potentially replacing Microdroid, Fuchsia OS could improve workload performance and security.

In April, Google launched a project called Microfuchsia, aiming to make Fuchsia OS bootable on devices through virtualization. Recent patches submitted to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) reference the Microfuchsia project, indicating ongoing development and integration efforts.

Google has already demonstrated the capabilities of running virtual machines on Android. The company showcased ChromeOS on a Pixel device, calling it Ferrochrome, to highlight Android 15’s virtualization capabilities.

Although Google later clarified that Ferrochrome was merely a proof of concept, the development of an app called “Ferrochrome launcher” suggests continued experimentation with virtualization on Android, potentially involving Fuchsia OS.

The future deployment of Fuchsia OS and its role in the development of Android and ChromeOS remains to be seen. However, it is evident that Fuchsia OS is poised to impact Google’s future operating system releases significantly.

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WhatsApp Develops Personalized AI Image Generator for User Avatars



WhatsApp Develops Personalized AI Image Generator

WhatsApp is set to revolutionize user experience with an innovative AI feature that allows users to create AI-generated avatars of themselves in any imagined setting. This exciting development was uncovered by WABetaInfo in the latest WhatsApp Beta for the Android update and has been further detailed by The Verge.

The new feature utilizes a combination of images, text prompts, and Meta’s AI Llama model to generate personalized images. According to a screenshot from WhatsApp, users can take photos of themselves once and then use text prompts such as “Imagine in…” or “@Meta AI imagine me…” to visualize themselves in various settings, from a dense forest to the expanse of outer space.

This feature, integrated into the Meta AI Chat, offers users the ability to create unique, personalized avatars by simply typing a prompt. The AI then uses the user’s likeness to generate the requested image, making for a highly customized and creative user experience.

While the exact release date for the wider rollout of this feature remains unclear, it is reported to be an optional addition to the app. This means users can choose whether or not to utilize the AI image generator.

In addition to this new AI feature, WhatsApp has recently introduced in-app custom stickers, which can be created in seconds, and has been developing its AI chat capabilities for several months. These updates indicate that Meta is committed to enhancing both AI integration and in-app creativity on WhatsApp.

With the upcoming AI image generator, WhatsApp continues to push the boundaries of user interaction and creativity, demonstrating a clear focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to enrich the user experience.

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Steam Introduces New Game Recording Features in Beta Testing



Steam Introduces New Game Recording Features in Beta Testing

Valve is enhancing the gaming experience on Steam with the introduction of a new background gameplay recording and sharing feature, now available in beta. This update aims to provide gamers with console-like video recording capabilities directly within the Steam platform.

The new features include two recording modes, Background Recording and On-Demand Recording.

Background Recording automatically saves gameplay footage to a designated drive, allowing users to set specific duration and storage limits. On-demand recording gives players the flexibility to start and stop recording at their discretion.

To improve usability, Valve has introduced a timeline feature and the ability to add event markers, which helps players pinpoint significant moments in their gameplay. The system supports automatic marker generation for achievements, screenshots, and specific in-game events in supported titles.

Additionally, Valve has revamped the Recordings & Screenshots interface, providing “lightweight” tools for clipping and editing videos. A simplified sharing option allows players to post videos directly into chat sessions or to broader audiences with a single click. Videos can be shared across devices—from Steam Deck to PC, for instance—or sent as temporary MP4 links via the Steam Mobile App or a QR code.

A standout feature is the new Replay mode, accessible from the Steam Overlay, which lets players review their recent gameplay to analyze mistakes or revisit important game moments.

For developers, Valve offers a new SDK and API to integrate and enhance the recording features within their games.

Steam users interested in testing the beta can enable it by navigating to Settings > Interface > Beta Participation in their Steam client and selecting the Beta option. Game recording settings are adjustable via Settings > Game Recording.

Valve anticipates a public release following the beta phase, once all potential issues are resolved. This feature set represents a significant leap forward in making advanced gameplay recording accessible to the vast community of Steam gamers.

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