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Best 10 Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading


Changing times and changing science and technology have resulted in changing modes of business and earning money. Thus, many new ways of earning money have popped up and become popular. But one needs to be sure before investing in one such mode or starting a business in one such mode. Thus, it is important to know what the different modes are and what they are about, and how they work. One such popular model is a cryptocurrency, which is a word that the reader might be quite familiar with.

Recently, this world has been doing rounds of the business world continuously. Various people have gone on to earn millions with various cryptocurrency nodes, and all it takes is a clear understanding of the field, the right guidance, a clear concept of profit and loss, and also of the internet. Thus, here, we will talk about the best 10 apps for cryptocurrency trading that you can choose to use, and make big profits.

Understanding the concept of cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a range of binary data that can be used to make transactions, albeit online. It is similar to real-time monetary transactions but also different in various ways. There are various cryptocurrencies available, and the individual ownership of every coin, of every currency is stored in a ledger, which contains the records of all transactions made. The online ledger is nothing but a strong database that keeps track of all transactions involving the cryptocurrency, new additions, and also records of individual ownership of the coins. Cryptocurrency is now a roaring business and you can easily earn profits from cryptocurrency with the help of various platforms, apps, and websites. We shall look at some of those apps, especially the best ones, and take brief looks at their features and how they have been reviewed by critics and veterans of the trade.

Best 10 Free and Premium Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading

Let us take a brief look at some of the best cryptocurrency apps and their features, and why you might choose to use them.


Voted as one of the best cryptocurrency apps by various websites and critics, it has amazing features, and the pros of this greatly outweigh the cons, which are only very few.


  • There are 123 currencies available for trade.
  • It includes a wallet.
  • There is a solid variety of altcoin choices, which will give the user a look to choose from.
  • The interface is extremely user-friendly, and thus, very easy to use.
  • The app is known for having very high liquidity.
  • There is also a Coinbase Pro version, with features that are slightly more in number and also superior.

Cash App 

It is preferred widely by several people who are veterans of the cryptocurrency field and thus, it is well worth mentioning in this list. Let us take a close look at the features of this app.


  • It has only one currency available for trade.
  • The transaction fees vary in various cases.
  • It includes a wallet.
  • It is really easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It had the option of peer-to-peer money transfer.
  • It can withdraw Bitcoin.
  • Highly secure.


It is quite popular for not requiring to Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. It is really easy to use.


  • It is a decentralized, non-KYC platform.
  • It has more than 15 different payment options.
  • It has 45 currencies available for trade.
  • It includes a wallet.
  • The transaction fees are in the range of 0.05 % to 0.7%.


One of the frontrunners of the cryptocurrency business, Binance was founded in 2017 but then banned in the USA in 2019. However, they created Binance.US in 2021, which has climbed to the top of the ladder.


  • There are hundreds of currencies available for trade.
  • It includes a wallet.
  • The transaction fees vary between 0.015% to 0.1%.
  • It has a highly advanced charting system.
  • The fees of this app are lower than the other apps.
  • It offers a large variety of cryptocurrencies and trading options.


Rated highly, Gemini is widely preferred by a large number of people, and that is not for no reason. This app offers a huge number of features.


  • Offers a large range of cryptocurrency options.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use app design.
  • Has the amazing Gemini Earn feature.
  • The required account minimum is $0.
  • Positively reviewed by critics and highly secure.


These apps or platforms are rated highly by critics, eToro has some amazing features that make it worth using and we shall look at these features in the section below.


  • Contains quite a considerable range of cryptocurrencies on the app or platform.
  • It offers commentating capabilities just like social media.
  • You can follow and match the investments of your fellow cryptocurrency traders.
  • The required account minimum is $50.
  • The fees required are 0.75%-5% of the ask spread, depending on the currency.


It is among the best and the most well-known apps for the trading of cryptocurrencies and also for online trading, and stocks.


  • It has a large number of cryptocurrencies.
  • It gives fast access to deposits.
  • The trading of cryptocurrencies on Robinhood is completely free of any commission.
  • The account minimum is $0.
  • The fee required is $0 for stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs.

SoFi Active Investing 

Quite well-known among veterans of online trading, stocks, and cryptocurrency, SoFi Active Investing is known to offer a large number of superb features which have led it to feature in this list.


  • It is known for having a well-rounded financial ecosystem.
  • There are five different cryptocurrencies to buy and sell.
  • SoFi Active Investing can take out loans, save, and trade stocks.
  • The account minimum is $1.
  • The transaction fees are $0 for stocks, and1.25 % for cryptocurrencies.


Rated highly by users and veterans of the trade, Kraken has built a strong reputation for being a very dependable cryptocurrency trading app and is used by a large number of people.


  • Offers a solid range of cryptocurrencies with low fees.
  • It is known to have very high cybersecurity ratings.
  • One of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms and thus trusted widely.
  • Quite a sophisticated design.
  • The fee is 0.16%/0.26%, maker/taker.


It offers more than 70 cryptocurrencies and a huge number of perks and thus, it makes the last spot on this list. We shall take a look at the features below.


  • 170+ cryptocurrencies for trade.
  • There is limited market trading.
  • It has high cybersecurity ratings.
  • Highly sophisticated trading features which might appeal to veteran users.


Therefore, these are the best apps for cryptocurrency trading which you can use to trade various cryptocurrencies and make huge profits. However, it is advised that you check all the features of an app before you start investing in it.

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