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7 Courses to Crack AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification


Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a leading cloud computing solutions provider for small and large organizations. With many people utilizing their services, there is a constant need for certified professionals to implement different cloud computing initiatives.

To take your career in cloud computing to the next level, you must demonstrate a high level of professionalism. One way of doing this is by getting certified. AWS solutions architect associate certification is the best way to start your journey as a skilled cloud computing professional. AWS being a global leader in this field, there is high demand for professionals who are well conversant with this platform.

A simple search on Google or other preferred search engines will reveal hundreds of training institutions offering AWS certified Solution architects certifications. Some are online; others are on-campus. However, not all courses are meant for you. You look for a course that best suits your learning needs. This article focuses on training you can take online because it offers flexibility.

Best Courses For AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect  course – Associate by Amazon

Amazon offers extensive resources that can help you prepare for solutions architect exams. There is free and paid training. You can learn the fundamentals of ASW with the free AWS technical essentials course. It will give you a comprehensive overview of different AWS concepts, including security, monitoring, storage, and database. By completing the 4-hour training, you’ll be able to build scalable cloud solutions. After, you can do a practice test to gauge your understanding of different concepts. After completing AWS technical essentials, you may enroll in the exam preparation training.

If you feel inadequately prepared after going through all the free resources, you may want to enroll in the paid course. Expert AWS architect instructors deliver the course. It’ll take you through fundamental architecting practices, processes of designing AWS solutions, and other concepts so that you are grounded in AWS architecting and related cloud computing solutions.

Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

You’ll find this course on Udemy. It has over 100 000 reviews with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. This means most learners were happy with the course. This course is not only designed for people with an AWS background. People with no prior AWS knowledge can enroll in this course.

The course teaches AWS fundamentals, databases on AWS, serverless and traditional solution architectures, and other essential principles. There is a full practice exam to get you acclimatized with AWS solutions architect exams. Course materials are available 24 hours for reference and practice. I also like the fact that it is budget-friendly. It costs $84, but you may pay less considering Udemy is always running promotions. At the time of writing, it was at an 84% discount.

AWS: Learning and Implementing AWS Solution

If you are preparing for AWS solutions architect exams on an s shoestring budget, you’ll be glad when you come across a free course that will help you in this regard. When writing this article, this course was free on Udemy. This course teaches concepts like databases, computation, and storage. The instructor takes you through different principles, making it easy to follow. The downside of this course is that you should have some prior AWS knowledge to appreciate it fully.

Cloud computing with Amazon Web

This is also a free course. You’ll find it on Udemy. Most times, free courses get overlooked because most people assume free things have no value. Although this is a free course, it offers incredible value. It is designed for beginners. The course takes you through the basics of cloud computing on the ASW platform. You’ll learn essential concepts you must know to build your first infrastructure on AWS. You’ll clearly understand how to configure virtual servers, databases, CDN, and monitoring systems.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) course by Adrian Cantrill

Although it is crucial that you prepare for AWS certifies Solutions Architect exams, you should enroll in a course that provides knowledge that will help you beyond exams. After getting certified, you must face the real world of cloud computing. You’ll be able to practice for exams with full practice exams. After paying, you’ll be given lifetime access to course materials. You can always take lessons and practice when most convenient for you. If you try the course and decide that the course is not right for you for the first 30 days, you may ask for a refund.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification by SimpliLearn

This course prepares you for AWS certification exams and gives you the skills to handle business and organization-related needs professionally. This course was created for people who have an IT background and are familiar with cloud computing.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02)-Cloud Guru

This course was developed for beginners with no prior programming and AWS experience. I like that all lecture videos are short (they take 5 to 15 minutes). The information is precise and easy for anyone to process. You’ll learn all essential ASW architectural concepts. Cloud Guru regularly updates this course to meet current Amazon Web service upgrades.


Cloud computing is constantly evolving to provide relevant solutions for businesses and governments. Professionals and people looking to join this industry must get the necessary skills to be in a position to offer credible cloud computing solutions. AWS certification courses prepare professionals for exams and give them relevant skills necessary to handle day-to-day AWS solutions for businesses.

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