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Dangerous Treks at Himachal Pradesh in India


Unlike gradual incline treks, the following treks are not as easy as beginner-friendly but it is going to startle you with their magnificence at their exceptional heights. These treks are as spectacular as their heights. An unfair or biased perspective would be the higher the prettier, however, trekkers embarking on these treks cannot deny this partial perspective either. Himachal Pradesh is primarily known as a Hill station and is located almost in the top region of India. Compared to slightly lower hill stations such as Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh is bestowed with some eminent mountains. These mountains further intensify the beauty as well as the challenge along the trails. The following treks are strictly advised to veteran trekkers and beginners are suggested to obtain the necessary knowledge and then begin with them.

7 Dangerous Trekking Zone in Himachal Pradesh

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Tread across barren valleys of Spiti wrapped by low temperature and lush green Parvati Valley. The landscape changes with a constant presence of lively mountains in the background. This extensive trek ranges up to 12 days starting right from Manali. The trek has a variety of distinct features that are popularly sought by the trekkers, starting from Tunda Bhuj Bridge to hot water springs at the completion of the trek. The alpine meadows at Pin Parvati Pass trek are exceptionally adorned with rare species of flowers.

Triund Trek

To witness the magnificent Dhauladhar range from an exhilarating elevation Triund peak exists. The region where the trail resorts is in Dharamkot located in Mcleodganj. In the quest for the peak, you cross dense forests standing on the shoulders of Deodar and rhododendrons. Snowfall is a common phenomenon seen during January and March is relatively clear and free from any such haze. Most of the 2 days are devoted to this trek starting from Dharamkot to Triund on the first day and back to Dharamkot on the 2nd day. The 18 km trail from Dharamkot is incredibly breath-taking and leads you towards 9,350 ft. above sea level.

Chobia Pass Trek

Over the Pir Panjal range in Chamba district, the Chobia Pass trek shares close proximity with Bharmour town in Himachal Pradesh. One can enjoy two giant heights at this trail, the tent peak, and the Barakananda peak. The trek boards you as far as the Chenab Valley. Seekers ideally embark on this trek during the months of August to October. This is also a trial before you head out for the Kang La pass trek. The Kugti Pass is a major landmark in this trek and connects Bharmour and Keylong, Kugti Sanctuary is also an attractive destination for visitors.

Friendship Peak Trek

Begins from Solang Valley and leads you up to 17, 346 ft. above sea level. The route is exceedingly challenging and adventurous and nowhere near the usual treks. This is an attempt similar to mountaineering to a great extent. The solid waves of peaks that surround you at the summit let you realize your irresistible potential. Expectations start to rise when there appears the snow-covered path ahead of you. As you gaze clearer at the glacial crown, yearn for ridges at the summit, the beautiful orchards near you make you restless to savor the success of the trek. From September to October, the peak reaches its peak of beauty.

Kangla Pass Trek

The Miyar Valley of Himachal Pradesh marks the commencement of this trek. The 17, 408 ft. high crest is not easily attained, sheer practice before the final commencement causes this to be a massive success. After an 8 days trek, you are blessed with the eternally incredible peak view. A taste of the Zanskar trek is also found in this thrilling endeavor. The year brings the month of June and Kang La prepares to delight their seekers. By October, the expeditions were halted. There is also an opportunity to encounter alpine yaks, musk deer, and other animals that are specifically found in mountains. While you fuel yourself at the initial points passing through the countryside of Lahaul and the local culture seems to be captivating.

Kibber Korzok Trek

Starts from Himachal Pradesh and concludes in Ladakh, this trek is an amalgamation of variant landscapes with the tincture of spirituality. The Kibber village in Spiti is eccentric to chaos and similar to solace. Vistas of arid valleys with gradual slopes and green meadows are common during the trail. The Buddhist architecture is seen to be dominated along the trail. ON the seventh day of the trail, you will be relishing a horse ride at Tso Moriri that would just melt your heart. The highest altitude at this trek is the Parang La at an elevation of 18, 241 ft. witnessed on the 3rd of the trek.

Kareri Lake Trek

Located at an altitude of about 2,934 meters in the Kangra district, the Kareri lake is an alpine freshwater lake lying to the south of the Dhauladhar ranges. Mostly known for its spectacular views of the Dhauladhar mountains and grasslands, the Kareri lake trek is widely visited by both amateur and professional trekkers. The region also acts as a base camp for other popular treks into the Dhauladhar mountains. Trekkers usually visit this trek during the summers, as the mountains become inaccessible during the winters.

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