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10 Latest Key Features in iOS 15



Latest Features in iOS 15

Apple is known for showing off the more prominent features within iOS releases and leaving out the finer details that are sometimes the most compelling. In 2021, Apple declared iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 alongside macOS Monterey and watchOS 8. The iOS 15 adds to the excellent feature set of iOS 14 and offers higher Privacy, intuitive features, and a tighter ecosystem.

Is Your iPhone Compatible?

If you’ve got an older iPhone, you might wonder if it supports iOS 15. Well, your device has created the cut if it’s an iPhone 6S (2015) or newer. But it would help if you conjointly recognized that options like Portrait mode on FaceTime, Live Text, increased reality directions in Maps, and abstraction audio, among others, can only work on iPhones supported by an A12 bionic chip or its newer version. You’ll need an iPhone XS or more unique to make the most of the update.

What are the Top 10 features in iOS 15?

Sometimes, it’s those very few changes that make all the difference. Once discovered, you’ll wonder how you got on without them! Here are ten of our favorite little, hidden, you-might-have-missed-them options of iOS 15.

FaceTime enhancements

Apple has brought new features to FaceTime in iOS 15, making it easier to attach with family and friends while improving the audio and visual quality. Users may use spatial audio with an iPhone XS and above, which implies that 3D audio provides the impression that your recipients are within the same area as you. Voice isolation currently focuses on your Voice only and blocks out the other close noise.

Their conjointly Wide Spectrum focuses on you and conjointly the surroundings around you. There’s also Grid View, which shows a group called, alongside Portrait Mode, currently ready to be used, wherever the background is blurred and focuses on you.

Keep an eye fixed on app activity

Apple is often increasing privacy features, and with iOS 15, you’ve got a solid new tool to determine which apps are accessing your phone’s features and data. Open Settings, tap Privacy and scroll to the bottom to Record App Activity. You’ll get to modify this at the top of the screen.

This tool can record a 7-day outline of when and how usually all of your apps access things like your microphone or which internet domains they visit. Just return to the present screen every week later for a full report. You’ll even tap Save App Activity to export a JSON file of all the information if you’re into that.

A Brand New Siri Voice

Last year, Apple added two new Siri voices to its list as a part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The most recent update adds a gender-neutral possibility that you will set it as Siri’s default tone. To alter Siri’s Voice on your device, head to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice and faucet on Voice 5.

iPhone Camera’s new feature helps to scan text

Have you ever wished you could point your iPhone camera at a sign or piece of paper and have it automatically identified, so copy the text into an email or a document?

With iOS 15, it’s doable and incredibly cool. To use the iPhone’ new “scan text” tool, long-press within a text field as if you’re aiming to use the copy-and-paste prompt.

Only, you’ll see a Scan Text button. You’ll conjointly see the scan icon, which is a chunk of paper with brackets around it. Tap the button to replace your keyboard with your iPhone camera’s viewfinder. Point your camera at whatever you want to scan, so follow the prompts.

Some Photos Related Features

This application is bending toward being more personal with the advent of the Ios 15 and iPad OS 15. Apple is adding a replacement interactive memories feature that permits you to “personalize the design and feel of your story with a song and vibe to match.”

Pictures are currently more straightforward to seek out via Spotlight search due to new intelligence options to look at photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Live Text, Spotlight will find text and handwriting in images.


Due to the new SharePlay feature, you’ll be ready to set up remote viewing and listening parties with your mates. Want to talk while observing a program or movie or listening to a new album? That’s all possible with SharePlay, which synchronizes the media feed across your devices and keeps your FaceTime window visible.

 It’ll work with Apple’s media apps, of course; however, they’re conjointly operating with third-party apps like Disney+, HBO Max, and Twitch to feature the functionality. You’ll even be ready to share your screen in FaceTime calls, giving more practicality to video calls.

 Tracking Your iPhone

Sometimes if your iPhone is lost or taken and then turns off, there’s no way to track wherever it’s via finding My phone. Thanks to iOS 15, you’ll currently find your iPhone even if it’s dead, turned off, factory reset, or simply offline. This new feature, which turns your iPhone into an AirTag, is available for up to 5 hours once your iPhone battery dies.

You can notice the unique setting, which is on by default, at Settings > Apple ID > My > My iPhone. As long as My Network is enabled, you’ll be ready to find your iPhone via the find My application once the phone isn’t on.

Select text size for every app

You’ve changed the system-wide text size for ages; however, iOS 15 allows you to vary the text size per app. First, modify the feature in the control center. Open Settings, tap center and scroll down to add the Text Size control.

Then once you’re in an app, open the center (swipe down from the top-right corner) and choose the Text Size control. A giant slider permits you to change text size, whereas a toggle at the rock bottom of the screen lets you choose from All Apps or simply the app you’re presently using.

Use Face ID with a mask

Yes, you read that right; you’re ready to use Face ID while wearing a mask in iOS 15 – but there are caveats. First, you’ll need to confirm that you’re running the iOS 15.4 code update, but the more significant issue is that it’s solely supported on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, which means those with a Face ID-touting iPhone X, Xs, or 11 are out of luck.

 If you lost the prompt to re-scan your face for using Face ID with a mask throughout the initial setup, you can go up to the Face ID and passcode area and click on the Set Up Face Id with a mask button that sets your face to unlock your phone.

Notifications and Focus

Notifications see some enhancements in iOS 15, as well as more giant bubbles on your lock screen that are easier to view, contact photos, and larger app icons. Notifications are automatically arranged by priority, supported by how you constantly interact with apps on the device.

 A new Focus feature allows you to block notifications for a set time, and your setting is mirrored across all of your active Apple devices.


These were a number of the most effective iOS 15 new options that are a welcome addition and provide a superior experience. This includes SharePlay, ID cards within the wallet app, App Privacy Report, CarPlay navigation improvements, Universal Control, legacy Contacts, and Find My AirPods.


13 Best Cloud Web Hosting Services for a WordPress Website and Blog in 2023



Best Cloud Web Hosting Services

Technically, WordPress is defined as a content management system (CMS). It is an open-source website-building platform. WordPress is a blogging platform with a website construction team. WordPress is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most successful blogging sites available on the current trend. Also, WordPress is suitable for all types of business websites and related blogs. There is a wide range of blogging and website-building databases.

From e-commerce to blogging to the business portfolio, WordPress imprints its versatile features in an impactful manner. In addition, wordp[ress is bundled with flexibility and usability enough to bring a perfect solution for both large and small-scale industries. Usually, a website is referred to as a WordPress website when it is built with the incorporation of its content management system (CMS). Moreover, keep in mind that WordPress can back-end and frontend your website.

13 Top-Rated Cloud Hosting Providers For a WordPress site and blog

WordPress is designated to provide the best blogging service for all businesses. However, there are some requirements to be present to complete the work. WordPress is surely bestowed with such features to meet the satisfaction of customers. Cloud hosting is one of the well-needed settings that have to be embedded in blogging platforms. It gives the basic plan and execution for the platform. Similarly to the blogging platforms, many sectors provide cloud hosting services.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is one of the most aesthetically pleasing WordPress cloud hosting providers. On this site, you will get a list of five different cloud services from which you may choose the one that best suits your needs. After that, there will be no need to contact the administrator of the cloud hosting service. Instead, the cloud hosting service will be responsible for maintaining your WordPress installation.


  • You can select your cloud infrastructure.
  • Unlimited access to applications.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive features.
  • Also, automatic backup is available.

2. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a hosting service that caters to the needs of developers. Generally speaking, developers have access to both the ability to build and host their websites when using cloud hosting. In addition, the developers are awarded incentives based on the performance of the available infrastructure.


  • You can produce three static sites with a free platform.
  • It provides a full domain name.
  • Moreover, it has tools for developer features.
  • The upgrading ability is good, which is a plus point.

3. SiteGround

WordPress websites hosted on SiteGround’s cloud infrastructure are among the industry’s most reliable and popular. They provide a completely managed service solution to set up and maintain your cloud account. In addition to that, the procedure of hosting your cloud account is a simple as well as straightforward task. It is a dependable provider of services that also has valuable characteristics.


  • Updates are available regularly to prevent attacks.
  • Exceptionally, there is a free SSL certificate for all the domains.
  • One-click WordPress installer.
  • You can test the system using a modifying location before staging.

4. The Google Cloud

The cloud hosting services, both static and dynamic, offered by Google Cloud are among its most well-known offerings. Therefore, you may depend on it for the dynamic WordPress websites you create. In addition, Google Cloud will provide you with recommendations for customized hosting options. Aside from that, you can also design your own, albeit the recommended one will almost certainly be superior.


  • Their plans are quick, safe, and reliable.
  • It can also operate WordPress on the app engine.
  • They provide low, medium, high, and heavy-traffic hosting.
  • There is a calculator to sum the credits and debits.

5. WP Engine

WP Engine is another well-known WordPress cloud hosting company, similar to SiteGround in many ways. You may count on their technical support staff to be by your side for the whole of any service related to their hosting packages. Not only are they efficient and quick, but they also prioritize safety. In addition, the WP engine serves as a home for almost 1.5 million WordPress sites.


  • Their services are expanded to individuals, business people, organizations, and entrepreneurs.
  • Daily backup and automatic upgrade options are available.
  • You can create a staging environment.
  • There is a 24*7 service by experienced assistants.

6. Amazon Cloud

Many on-demand service providers rely on Amazon Cloud to provide them with various platforms for their products and services. One of the most significant blog platforms offered by the Amazon cloud is called LightSail, and it is called Amazon LightSail. It also has a WordPress configuration set up so the platforms may be maintained.


  • It provides 400 GB of storage and the fastest processors.
  • It also has 81 availability zones across many places.
  • Amazon cloud supports compliance certificates.
  • It is the best for novices.

7. Vultr

Vultr is one of the largest cloud hosting providers, with over 15 million subscribers. This makes it the service with the greatest client count. In order to provide better services, it makes use of servers that have a high frequency and high performance. As a result, there is a wide variety of choices accessible for the finest cloud hosting.


  • It is integrated with OSs, windows, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
  • There is a control panel for regular checks.
  • It can add to the next level of defense against attacks.
  • User-friendly interface.

8. Linode

Linode is a cloud hosting firm that runs on Linux and offers services at affordable prices. Their cloud computing capabilities, networking services, and storage capacities allow them to work with lower resources. In addition, there is a possibility that you may encounter a user-friendly interface while using cloud hosting.


  • Both dedicated and shared CPUs are present.
  • There is a one-click activation for many configured programs.
  • Node balancers are present here.
  • Free migration facilities are available.

9. Kinsta

Kinsta is the most user-friendly option available among the several cloud-hosting WordPress systems on the market. They provide the quickest methods for hosting websites. In addition, there is the Kinsta Premium option available for improved choices. Additionally, Kinsta is well-known for its exceptional performance and knowledgeable support.


  • It has built-in performance and uptime qualities.
  • Cloudflare has a firewall put in place to stop DDoS attacks.
  • A multilingual interface is present, including Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • SSL and CDN certificates are freely available.

10. Dream Host

Dream Host is also one of the finest WordPress cloud hosting service providers. As a consequence of this, dream hosts are the ones most equipped to provide the quickest answer. When one considers their swift replies, it is clear that they possess an effective clouding mechanism.


  • Programs are present to back up the data like cloudberry.
  • The presence of dream objects makes it easier for image and video uploads.
  • The hosting plans are affordable within limited amounts.
  • Also, you can get limitless bandwidth for a certain period.

11. HostGator

One of the few clouds hosting providers available today, HostGator is one of the few companies that offers limitless bandwidth and storage services. Both a web hosting service and a website builder, HostGator is one of the most popular options available. Compared to other service providers, HostGator offers hosts options distinguished by their rapidity, safety, and dependability.


  • Limitless domains and free domain names.
  • SSL certificates for all the domains.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Availability service is relatively high.

12. InMotion

InMotion is specifically best for the virtual private server hosting (VPS). There will be a sequence of processes from the investment phase to the profit earning to the service proliferation. Additionally, a redundancy feature is present to present the uptime of your website.


  • You can access the root system of your system.
  • There is an in-built DDoS immune system.
  • You also can preserve an IP address for an online reputation.
  • Chats and phone calls are available for customer services.

13. Hostwinds

Hostwinds is not only one of the preferred cloud hosting service providers, but they also provide reliable deals. The configuration procedure will not take more than a few minutes to finish. There will be a mechanism for invoicing that may be used. In addition, you will need to pay a recurring fee for them to use the more advanced services.


  • Continuous server monitoring is present for customer services.
  • There are network facilities to increase the availability.
  • You can upgrade anytime with available resources.
  • Free website relocation is there.


From the above passage, you will learn the 13 best cloud web hosting for WordPress in 2022. Apart from the service mentioned above, there are also many more with varying features and offers. Most WordPress cloud hostings are flexible and robust in their way of service. Therefore, it will be critical to choose one for your business. If you are bewildered about your choice, use the passage for guidance securities.

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