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5 Best Ways to Earn Points, Ranks and Badges via myCred Plugin


In game design, elements like points, badges, and leaderboards are frequently active in daily life as well.  How important these three key game aspects are and how they serve in gamification will be discussed in this blog.

Of course, the concept of including badges in games was not born out of thin air. Badges are utilized in various professions for the same reasons: to demonstrate appreciation and serve as a source of motivation. We also know that different badges signify various levels of rank. When it comes to scouting clubs, the best badge signifies the most seasoned member. Badges for attaining a specific achievement are available in addition to rank badges. The majority of these take the shape of a trophy or prize.

By incorporating enticing loyalty prizes into your game, you’ll be able to turn these gamers into your campaign’s best promoters. They will help spread the news about your campaign and bring in new customers.

Apart from winning, we all want to be appreciated and compensated for the time and effort we put in. We can use gamification to build incentives that drive competition and provide real rewards for good performance, which increases learner enjoyment and involvement in the course material, shopping or any other activity.

What Does It Mean To Gamify Something?

Use of gaming aspects and ideas in non-gaming environments to better engage users is known as gamification.

Gamification is applicable in a wide range of settings. Gamification is frequently used in business for staff training, recruitment, assessment, and productivity.

Physical activity, voter participation, and customer loyalty programs are examples of other applications.

Gamification’s goal is to get people to interact with your content. Especially when dealing with jobs that aren’t fun, like a comprehensive safety training program or legal compliance training.

What You Can Do To Reward Your Clients

Rewards Depending On The Earned Points

Use gamification points to reward your customers for sharing your social media postings about your products and services. This will help to gain more exposure in business promotion.

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Promoting a brand’s promotional campaigns on social media is a smart move for firms to do.

Leaderboards And Badges

People are inherently competitive, it’s a reality. Leaderboards encourage people to keep up their good work in order to improve their impact.

Motivation From The Outside

Some of our decisions and actions are influenced by our personal thoughts and desires. One’s sense of accomplishment, self-worth, and self-actualization are all examples of gratification. There is no need for external incentives in this situation. Tasks are completed, and results are produced. Those who don’t have enough internal motivation may require some extra motivation. Engagement and results can both be greatly improved by adding external motivation.

Additional Benefit

A loyalty program’s inability to award reward points is one of its restrictions. Many of your gamers may give up on the game if earning incentives takes too long. As a result, you must be more imaginative and generous with your rewards. On a sliding scale, the points awarded should be proportional to how much input they receive from the audience as a whole. Also, keep in mind that gamification allows for many forms of rewards for various actions so that everyone benefits.

Rewarding Good User

Incorporating a rewards system onto your gamification tool might help you turn your leaderboard supremacy into tangible assets. With the help of gamification, learning can be made to pay off, not simply in terms of professional advancement and growth. Participants and competitors are frequently more eager if there are substantial prizes. Organizations may reward their customers using the MyCred Gamification Rewards Marketplace, constantly increasing their motivation to return.

Customers can redeem their earned points for gift cards, cash, or even extra vacation days at the MyCred Rewards. In order to distribute the prizes, admins must accept, deny, or message the visitors, learners who requested the award. They are then notified and prompted to do so. In this way, employers, teachers, and administrators have full control over the incentives system and can keep track of and positively interact with the platform’s users.

Implement A Successful Gamification Strategy

All of these things are just a means to an end; they’re not the goal in and of themselves. They instill a sense of teamwork and competitiveness in their workers, which helps them achieve their goals.

Upgrades And Virtual Currency

A systematic method of using gamification to engage and inspire users is the use of virtual currency, such as coins, points, or stars. Reward systems are easy to use, but they effectively change people’s behavior. All of us like doubling our points, getting additional lives, and collecting more stars. Most of the time, we start a game with very limited resources. However, when we progress in video games, we gain new abilities and powers. As we reach new apex points, our power grows.


With gamification, learners are motivated to learn in a better way and develop an improved understanding of a subject, and that’s perhaps the most important part – enriching the journey to encourage students to become more enthusiastic about studying and actively participate in their campus communities!

Gamification aspects in your learning platform will motivate your students to take advantage of the chances presented to them. You can improve participation in your learning programs by appealing to people’s desire to be at the top and being rewarded for their accomplishments.

By integrating enticing loyalty prizes into your game, you’ll be able to turn these gamers into your campaign’s best promoters with the help of myCred. They will help spread the news about your campaign and bring in new customers.

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