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Best Indoor Team Building Activities


Fun indoor activities for team building are essential in every office. They will get everyone working together and active. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the best indoor activities for team building at work. if the office environment then it is good for office staff as well as with business profit and branding. If we encourage our employees with some Indoor Team Building activities then it is beneficial for our business and also increases the ROI of business and encourages our office staff for more work.

Let’s have a look important Best Indoor Team Building Activities

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct is a team-building activity that helps to set the tone and expectations for new events and tasks. All you need is a whiteboard, markers, and your teammates.

Start by writing the words meaningful’ and pleasant on the whiteboard. Then, ask your team members and friends to write down what they feel is essential or enjoyable for the next event.

Storytelling session

Humans love stories. Gather all the employees together and say some random words. Now ask everyone to create an account out of random words. It’s so much fun! Your employees will enjoy it as they share laughter.

Office Trivia

Trivia can be an effective way to break the ice and build trust between colleagues. Office trivia is the perfect way to get new members of your team involved. This game doesn’t require any special equipment. You can play it online or at your workplace.

Two Truths and a Lie

It’s a fun, light game. Ask each employee for two truths and one lie (not about work). Make sure the lie is realistic. It won’t be easy to guess. The other employees must guess the lie. The person who thinks correctly will receive a gift.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke is an indoor team-building activity that you and your team member can enjoy together. It’s an exciting way to build trust between people. The idea is most people are shy, so when they sing, they let others see a vulnerable side.

Room Escape

Even if you are in a locked room with your team, escaping from space can be a great activity. This is an activity that requires your team to put their collective intelligence to the testing. You never know which member of your team can identify a clue and help you solve the mystery.

The Egg Drop Challenge

This might seem like a complicated challenge, but the egg drop fosters collaboration among your team members.

Your team should develop egg-friendly packaging that can withstand drops of up to 2 stories. For example, you can give your teams tape, cardboard, plastic, or other packaging material.

Scavenger Hunt

Split your employees up into several teams. List essential items that people are likely to have in their homes. You will give each team five minutes to find the items. The winner is the one who has the most things.

Show and Tell

Each member of the team is given one minute to display and discuss something they own. This could be anything from your favorite straws to a trophy for tug of war or even a passion project. Two minutes should be saved for each turn so that the rest can have a conversation.

What’s on Your Desk?

“What’s at your desk?” is one of many team-building activities that can inspire creativity among your employees.

To do this, each team member should bring one item from their desk. Then, the other must see it as a product. The team members must develop a tagline for the product, a marketing plan, name, and logo. The product that sells best wins!

Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is an activity that builds trust between teammates and encourages collaboration. The other member receives a picture showing an object. They must then explain it to their partner using only the words they know. The other player must draw on a board and guess the thing using the words and actions from their partner.

The Perfect Square

The perfect Square is a fun team activity that relies on communication and collaboration among team members. Participants are blindfolded and must form an ideal quadrant using a rope. Super exciting. It is pretty hilarious to see how the rope ends.

Human Knot

Divide employees into groups of 6-12. Ask them all to form a circular view of one another. Next, you will ask them to place their right hand in the air and grab the other person’s hand across the circle.

After this, ask everyone involved to take out their left hands and grab another from the circle. Next, ask them to set a timer, and then ask them to untangle “knots” within the specified time. You might even consider using a time tracking software that you use for work to keep track of results.

Birthday Line-Up

Perhaps you could ask your team members how they would arrange themselves to coincide with their birthdays. The catch is that they can’t communicate. So let them use the actions and other forms of communication that they have to offer instead of using words.

Lost at Sea

Your team members are asked to believe that they are shipwrecked and have left only a few belongings on board their boat. You will be asking them to choose which items they need to keep and which to discard. Each member of the team should create a list. Let them decide together.

2-Minute Push-Up Challenge

Make a two-minute pushup challenge. Then, you will need to do as many pushups in 2 minutes as possible and keep track of your score. Encourage participants to remain in the competition for as long time as they can.

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